YouTube Shortcuts And Tricks For A Rich Experience

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


Youtube, one of the most popular online video sharing plaform. As per the surveys, YouTube is leading all the way among video sharing websites. EveryDay Millions of Videos are uploaded into Youtube. Today I hereby give you note of some tricks that can help you while Youtube Streaming, Uploading, Searching and Editing of videos. So, let’s dive into the topic of the Youtube Tricks.

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Youtube TV:

Wanna watch Youtube videos on your Television. Just connect your TV to your tab or PC, and cast them on your TV screen. Thus, you can enjoy watching Youtube Videos on your TV, without any trouble. You can do this by using Youtube TV channel, too.

Watch Blocked Videos:

If you selected some video in Youtube and it responds that the respective video is blocked in your region or country, then try to change the URL from “{video-id}”, to “{video-id}” to get full access of that video.

Youtube Video Streaming:

Do you have video streaming problems wth youtube, then check the internet connection first. And if doesn’t have anything to get fixed, go to the page Youtube Speed Check and check the Stream Speed of Youtube. Later compare it with your ISP and yours.

Youtube Disco:

Wanna make your own DJ set of videos? Don’t worry or panic. Youtube solves that problem for you. Go to Youtube Disco page and add whatever videos you want to mix for Disco or DJ sets.

Youtube Editor:

You can edit your videos online in Youtube itself using Youtube Editor. It can help you to add subtitles, stabilize and refine your videos in Youtube.

Harlem Shake:

Search in Youtube for “do the Harlem shake” and see what happens. Surprise is guaranteed. But, don’t panic. Jus kidding…

Slow Motion Video play:

Just hold on the space-bar after video started to play, then you can enjoy the effect of th Slow Motion Youtube Videos.

These are some of the Youtube Tricks, that I verified myself so far. Try them and have fun.