YouTube Red – Ad Free YouTube

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Youtube Red

Youtube Red – As all of we know, Google also know that Youtube is the only platform and powerhouse for viral hits, superb videos and more. So, it is interested in capitalizing the chance of increasing its economy through the means of YouTube PlatForm. That is Why it started “Youtube Red“, a paid Ad-Free Service of Youtube by Google, which so far hit unstoppable success tracks.

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However, it is now only available in U.S. ,which may hopefully reach all other major countries in few more weeks, accoring to reliable sources. “Youtube Red” isn’t a name familiar to many. So, let me explain it clearly.

Youtube Red Logo
Youtube Red Logo

***What is YouTube Red?

It’s a Monthly Subscription Service by YouTube, which removes advertisements from all videos. It was originated from the concept of  ‘YouTube Music Key’, a service that’ll let us stream music & music videos from YouTube, without irritation of ads popping up in between. Google changed the name to “YouTube Red” and expanded it to all kinds of YouTube videos in late October 2015.

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Youtube Red over all devices
Youtube Red over all devices

Youtube Red has many other advantages, those come with its subscription. As Offline viewing is great for its Lovers and Red offers an easy way to download Youtube Videos. And YouTube Red includes free access to Google Play Music, it’s arguably a great deal than Spotify, because you get both services. We may not prefer Google Play Music over any another, but it’s difficult to deny the advantage of getting both Google Play music and Ad-Free YouTube watching.