You Can Still Read Wall Street Journal For Free, Using Facebook

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Read Wall Street Journal For Free Using Facebook


There is a paywall around the online version of Wall Street Journal which allows only subscribers to read one of the most trustworthy news on the planet. There is a previous workaround to read WSJ for free using Google. Recently, WSJ has patched the backdoor blocking free access to thousands of readers across the world.

Accidentally, I have come across another similar way to read Wall Street Journal for free, using Facebook. This trick works in a similar way like the previous one. Speaking technically, the Facebook HTTP Referrer header played hero in granting us free access to Wall Street Journal. Let’s dive in.



  • Visit and open any locked article (Locked articles have a KEY symbol by their side).


Locked Article on Wall Street Journal
Locked Article on Wall Street Journal


  • You’ll now come across a block page asking you to pay a monthly subscription or to Sign In, if you already have an account. Now, copy the URL of the WSJ article and paste the link on your Facebook Timeline and hit Enter. Also, you can change your Facebook post’s privacy setting to “Only Me” as you don’t want to overwhelm your friends with notifications.
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URL of the WSJ Article
URL of the WSJ Article


Posting WSJ's Link on Facebook
Posting WSJ’s Link on Facebook


  • Now, click on the Facebook link you have just posted. Voila! You just got a free permanent pass to Wall Street Journal. Happy Reading!
  • Check the screenshot of the unlocked image below.
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Screen Capture - WSJ's Unlocked Article


Find it overwhelming? Check the help video below.



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