Windows 10 Free Upgrade Ends On July 29th – Hurry Up!

by Praneeth Karnena 0

Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system that was designed and released by Microsoft. Windows 10 was officially released and started its journey on July 29/2015 by providing free version worldwide for one year. Windows 10 is developed and designed to run in multiple products like Tablets, Smartphones, Xbox and holographic windows.

The  user interface of windows 10 is very user friendly and it really gives a feel to the users.It includes some of the great features like ‘Microsoft Edge’ which is the best web browser for windows 10 and it replaced the Internet Explorer in windows 7 and windows 8 and made as default browser for windows 10.


Windows 10
Windows 10


It also includes some of the interesting features like multitasking, Cortana virtual assistant supporting more languages, interfaced settings, live streaming, using HoloLens in windows 10 etc….

It includes some of the pre installed great apps like groove music, Xbox, windows store, movies&tv, camera, people, calendar, calculator, Microsoft edge, 3D builder, videos, news, money, photos, sports and many more.

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It also includes internal best antivirus that is ‘Windows Defender’ which includes scanning and fixing your bugs, malware and viruses that enter to your personal computer and keeps your pc protected by providing a shield from all types of viruses.

This version of windows is very stable comparing to other version of windows as it fixes the bugs and malwares in previous version of windows.

Now downloading an app and installing it, is made easy by windows store and the downloading is really fast compared to others previous version stores. And personalizing your desktop is made very attractive by the personalization option in settings.

Now windows 10 is used by 300 million users worldwide hopefully running in multi products like mobiles and pc’s etc. It is expected to reach billion users in next upcoming years.

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Microsoft Windows Logo
Microsoft Windows


Now the user can upgrade to windows 10 while he/she is in windows 7 or 8 or 8.1 directly. Upgrading to windows 10 is really very easy and it is free. The users have nothing to do but one click, that is to click on the option below on the taskbar when windows update shows up on the notification bar. And by clicking on that the upgrading process will continue to upgrade on its own and it may ask for restarting the pc in the middle of the process which is very common and absolutely harmless to your pc and then voila! you are in the windows latest version that is windows 10. And now you are definitely a windows 10 user.

But unfortunately the free version of windows 10 will no longer lasts as the time has come to an end of one year free version agreement. Now Microsoft is going to put an end to the free version of windows 10 on July 29/2016.

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We want to remind you once again that if u haven’t upgraded your pc to the latest version of windows, that is windows 10 then we would suggest you to do it now and real quick because the time is running out. And once you upgrade to the latest version then you will get free latest updates from the Microsoft officially. And Microsoft has officially updated the news that windows 10 will be a long lasting OS compare to any other OS till now.

But after July 29/2016 if you are going to upgrade to windows 10 then the full version of windows 10 will cost you USD $119.

Thanks for reading.