WhatsApp’s Upcoming Feature – Pinned Chats

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All of us use WhatsApp. But, sometimes organising your chats can be a bit troublesome thing to do so, if you have a lot of friends to chat with. And as we know a lot about its parent company Facebook, we can expect some of the features designed and tested on WhatsApp are based on its other products.

For example, Instagram Stories lead to Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Video/Photo Status features.

So, Facebook doesn’t hesitate to test some of its other platform features on WhatsApp. Guess what it is? “Pinning Favourite Chats of your Choice on the Top”

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Yes, you heard me right. You can pin 3 Chats of your wish on the top of your WhatsApp. It’s available in Beta Version for now. You may get your hands on it at the end of this month most probably.

WhatsApp beta 2.17.162 and above versions solve the problem of scrolling all the way down to find your fab 3 just by adding this handy little feature: Pinned chats.

WhatsApp - Pinned Chats
WhatsApp – Pinned Chats

Image Credits: AndroidPolice

Pinned Chats – Working:

  • Tap and hold on any chat of your choice.
  • Then you get to see Pin icon in the action bar, which is very next to the delete, mute, and archive options.
  • If you once pin a chat, that conversation stays on the top of the list regardless of the recency of the last message compared to other chats.
  • Even though it’s a very good feature, WhatsApp limited the number of pinned chats to only 3.
  • So, if try to pin any other chat after pinning 3 chats, you get to see a notification message saying you can’t pin more.
  • If you wish to switch back, you can always unpin one or more of your 3 chats at any time.
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That’s how Pinned Chats feature of WhatsApp works. If you want to enjoy this feature right now, you can download the official beta version apk of WhatsApp here.

Or else you can grab it from Google Play store by signing up for official beta version of Whatsapp.

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That’s all about the excitingly new feature of WhatsApp, Pinned Chats.

It’s better to share fun and knowledge rather than saving it for yourself.

So, stay tuned to us for more and share knowledge all the time. Share your views in the comments section.