What Is A Smart Doorbell And It’s Features

by Praneeth Karnena 0

Smart Doorbell - DustMoon

Smart Doorbell is a advanced device which notifies the owner of a house by an alert whenever a visitor presses the doorbell of his/her house. The owner gets a alert on his smartphone which is remotely connected to the smart doorbell. This is not a device in James Bond’s movies but a real working household device.

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The owner can even see the picture of the visitor and can even communicate with him. All this communication activity is done remotely, making the owner take complete control of his/her mansion.

Smart Doorbell - DustMoon
Smart Doorbell – DustMoon

This smart device is out in the commercial market and is available for the general public. Currently, this device is only available in the developed countries and is yet to debut in Asia and Pacific regions.

Features of the Smart Doorbell:

  • Notifies the owner by an alert when a visitor presses the smart doorbell.
  • The owner can see the picture of the visitor.
  • The owner can communicate with the visitor remotely.
  • The owner can remotely unlock the mansion remotely for the guests.