What Does UDRS – Umpire Decision Review System Really Mean in Cricket

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

DRS Review by M S Dhoni

Today’s cricket has been implanted with one of the most advanced Technologies in the world. Artificial Intelligence has made it’s way into the field of cricket too. Cricket – Yeah, this single word is enough to impart energy into many people. Most of you or I can say All of you know very well about Cricket. However, what is the matter here with Cricket to be a topic under the functioning of Technicality. Yeah, Tech is the Thing you know.

Cricket Tech
Cricket Tech

There is something, I wanna share with you about the Modernized Cricket. In Olden Days, there were to be 60 Overs in ODI’s and Tests are played between some teams only. But, as the days and years went on, Cricket also got reformed and revolutionized. Now, Many Countries have announced Cricket as a Significant Sport. So, there is a need of Technical Implementation in Cricket too. That’s why there are many new Rules introduced into this Huge Sport’s Life by ICC.

Technology in Cricket

“DRS System, Coloured Balls, Day-and-Night Test Matches, T20 formats, Glowing Stumps and Bails, Coloured Test Dresses, Snickko Reviews, Hotspot Reviewers, Wicket-Rear Cameras, 1/1oth second Replay Reviews, Third Umpire decks etc etc.” All these are nothing, but new applications and implementations in Cricket.

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Now, it is time to update Cricket Watching and Learning Perspectives once again.

DRS-Decision Review System:

It is the latest thing that was introduced in Cricket. But, there were many debates, controversies and conversations about this system. Whatever the Humans say, it is just the Technology brought this into limelight.

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DRS-Decision Review System
DRS-Decision Review System

Actually, it was officially introduced in 2008 in India vs Sri Lanka Series. And later on, DRS is used normally in every series. And now, the rules are amended in such a way that DRS just an optional thing. And I forgot to talk about the technology behind it.

DRS Positive
DRS Positive

It actually uses the Machine Learnt Artificial Intelligence based encoded devices to review the Umpire’s Decision. It made the job of Third/TV Umpires very simple and easy too. However, some of the Cricket lovers think that it made the Umpire’s position non-honorable. But, let us just only see the things right now through the Technological Aspect itself.

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