What Does The Word Interrobang ( ‽) Mean – Question Mark + Exclamation Mark

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Interrobang - Exclamatory + Interrogative

Interrobang () is a sort of punctuation mark which is used to express a sense of both interrogative and exclamation. This punctuation mark called interrobang, is used where you need to express both interrogative and exclamatory feels. This punctuation mark is used when there is a strong sense of both questioning and exclaiming. Interrobang is placed after a sentence like most of the punctuation marks. Interrobang is placed where you need to ask questions, or investigating or getting to know something. It’s actually the art of expressing both exclamation and interrogation in a single punctuation mark. Interrobang’s existence is still under scrutiny and is not widely used as other punctuation marks. To be more clear and precise, interrobang is just a punctuation mark where you can express both exclamation and interrogation feels. The concept of the interrobang was introduced by Martin K. Speckter in 1962.

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Interrobang - Exclamatory + Interrogative
Interrobang – Exclamatory + Interrogative


The Punctuation Mark:

?+! = ‽

As you can see, the punctuation mark, interrobang is a combination of both question mark and exclamatory mark. Which means that it’s used to express both the feels of exclamation and questioning. It is also used to represent the feeling of amazement and fascination.

Where can I use Interrobang:

Example Conversation:

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Jimmy: I’ve just become a millionaire!

Rose: A what‽

Hope we are clear.