Users Bring Down Q&A Portal Quora – Faces Frequent Outages

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Q&A portal Quora is facing frequent outages. Downtime of Quora has increased a bit from the past. Quora’s popularity is one of the main reasons for the significant outages. Until recently, Quora has used Instart Logic as their main content accelerator after which they have moved to Edgecast Networks which is owned by Verizon. 

History of Quora:

Quora is a question-and-answer site founded by Adam D’Angelo in 2009. In this, Questions can be asked and answered, browsed and can be bookmarked/saved. Quora at first couldn’t compete with other Q&A Websites. But, due to its design and features, users turned towards it, leaving all other Q&A Sites.

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Now, Quora became a potential threat to Facebook. Because a large number Facebook users from Asia are leaving it, when they started using Quora.


Quora is growing day-a-day, though being a Non-Profit Site. Its tagline is “Best Resource of Knowledge“.

However, due to the massive craze of Quora, which it got within two years span, many celebrities are also using Quora officially on a regular basis. Apart from enjoying the stardom and luxury, they answer to questions asked by many users regularly by taking on Quora Sessions.

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For example, U.S President Obama, Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg, Sheryl Sandberg, Jimmy Wales are some of the celebrities on Quora. Due to this reason, many got attracted to Quora and are now regularly using it.

Due to the massive user base over Asia, Quora is frequently down all around the globe for a few hours mostly in the past and present months.

Quora Error Message
Quora Error Message

Even today, it is clear that Quora is down again. Stating “Internal Server Error“. Quora need to fix these issues as soon as possible before the users start to lose faith in it.

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Quora Outage
Quora Outage

So, Quora is frequently down over May, June, and July of 2016. I hope not to see “Why Quora is not working?” question on Quora itself 😛

Quora Downtime History:


Quora's Outage History
Quora’s Outage History


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