The Most Useless Websites to kill time and have fun are

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 1

Random Shit - Time Eater Websites -Procrastinators

The Most Useless Websites to kill time and have fun. Wait. You have lots of time. Don’t you? Which means I can drag this thing so long that I’d help you in killing time as well. What? You don’t want me to do that? Okay then. It’s your wish after all. You want to kill time visiting the most useless websites of all time by visiting our site. Umm… that’s too cheesy.

Okay, let’s get into the main event then. Here’s the list for y’all procrastinators.

Useless Websites - And you feel WTF is this? It's Random Shit y'know
Useless Websites – And you feel WTF is this? It’s Random Shit y’know

Most Useless Websites of All Time:

  1. Partridge gets Lucky
  2. Has the Large Hadron Collider destroyed the world yet?
  3. The Staggering Beauty
  4. Falling Falling
  5. Ringing Telephone
  6. Is my Computer ON?
  7. Random Color
  8. Move Now Think Later
  9. RGB – Red Green Blue
  10. RepubliqueDesMangues
  11. TryPap
  12. Weird Or Confusing
  13. KOALAS to the MAX
  14. r33b
  15. LeduChamp
  16. BeesBeesBees
  17. – Lickin God
  18. Cat Bounce
  19. ChrisMcKenzie – The MouseWatcher
  20. Taghua
  21. I Love You Like A Fat Lady Loves Apples
  22. I has a bucket
  23. Ninja Flex
  24. I’m a Ninja – [Double Click to see the magic in that]
  25. Pointer Pointer
  26. Sad for Japan
  27. Corndog on Corndog
  28. Everyday I’m –
  29. Will the future be awesome?
  30. I’m Awesome 

    Wait a sec… You are still here… Oh man… You’re the GREAT PROCRASTINATOR I’ve ever seen. What? You want more. Even GOD can’t help you. That’s for sure. Browse these things as well if you’re really free. 

  31. Nulling the Void
  32. Yes No If
  33. Please Like
  34. Crouton
  35. Unicode Snowman for you
  36. Wut da Fuk
  37. Happy Happy Hardcore
  38. Great Big Nothing
  39. Cross Divisions
  40. Electric BoogieWoogie
  41. Corgiorgy
  42. Into Time
  43. Much better than this
  44. Patience is a Virtue
  45. Ouais Mais Bon
  46. The end of reason
  47. Pixels Fighting
  48. Leek Spin
  49. Zombo
  50. Bacon sizzling

Well… well… that’s enough for now… Go and do something else… Or start browsing the Internet for good use. Either will do. I’m counting on you.

Random Shit - Time Eater Websites -Procrastinators
Random Shit – Time Eater Websites – Best for Procrastinators

Enough of this already…

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