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by Chaitanya Vankadaru 1

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Unfollowgram – A bit Rhyming Word to Instagram. Isn’t it? Yeah, it is connected to Instagram in a different way. Now a Days, due to ego problems and other hassles between us: The Humans; we tend to show our rivalry on Social Media Platforms, rather than in settling it directly, because of generation changes.

So, what will they do in to the profiles of their rivals, dis-liking ones? They just can unfriend or block you in Facebook. And you can get to known of it, in one way or other, due to Facebook‘s Versatility. But, he/she can unfollow you even in Instagram and Twitter too. In these networks, you cannot get known of, until and unless you open his/her profile. But, here is another way or concept too.

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Sometimes many Strangers start following you on Instagram and Twitter. And you feel proud and happy for that. Someday, you realize that the Followers Count of yours is decreasing, then what will/shall you do? Nothing…? Eh…I don’t think so. You want to know who and why they are, at certain point. But, you don’t know how to do it. That’s why, Unfollowgram is emerged for all of such kind.

Unfollowgram has some very special features. But, as of now, it only works with Twitter and Instagram.

Unfollowgram Sign-Up
Unfollowgram Sign-Up

Available features

  • Check who unfollowed You on Instagram or Twitter.
  • Find who doesn’t follow you back.
  • Find who you don’t follow back.
  • Manage followers/following tabs.
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Unfollowgram Management
Unfollowgram Management

According to the information reports of reliable sources, it is soon going to release an App too. Because, it is now just limited to Web Version only. Despite of it, Unfollowgram got a huge following since it started its journey. But, it also have some drawbacks too.

May be minor drawbacks, but there are drawbacks. Once you start using Unfollowgram, you get to see the ones who only unfollowed you, from the minute after signing up with Unfollowgram. It means that you cannot get the people list who unfollowed you, before you start to use Unfollowgram. And, some may lose faith in his/her followers in unpredictable and adverse conditions. Let’s keep them for a while.

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Overall considering Pros and Cons, Unfollowgram is a Good Web App, which can customise the way you are using Instagram and Twitter. That’s it. Job Done.

Go on. Just give it a Try.

That’s the Information we’ve decoded by honestly using the Unfollowgram. Thanks for reading this article. Share your Love for us.

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