UC Browser may be banned soon in India – Here’s why

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Alibaba's UC Browser-Ban in India

UC Browser may be banned soon in India. Yes, even though it’s one of the fastest and most used mobile web browser in India, Indian government is thinking about banning it soon in India.

Why the hell do the government is thinking? Why UC Browser is going to be banned? Is there anything suspicious behind this? These are the questions that are jogging in your mind just after you started to read this. Here’s why.

Why UC Browser is suddenly targeted by Indian Govt.?

UC Web is under the scrutiny of government as part of investigations. As there were allegations of Data Theft against against Chinese companies. So, Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, Government of India are pretty serious about this issue considering the recent bad vibes.

UC Web
UC Web

Data Theft Allegations:

Previous Allegations:

Last tme, University of Toronto reported that “UC Browser/UC Web has several major privacy and security vulnerabilities that would seriously expose users of UC Browser to surveillance and other privacy violations.

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Current Allegations:

If UC Browser was proven guilty of data theft, we may expect a quick ban on it in India. Even Though, Alibaba’s UC Web Browser Officials are saying that there was no such thing, Indian Govt. is pretty serious about this.


Reportedly, UC Browser have over 100 million monthly active users in India  while global user base is nearly 420 million.

UC Browser
UC Browser

And it stands second to Google Chrome in most used mobile web browsers category in India. Literally, it means India is the heart of its revenue. So, they want to clean the mud on their shoes as soon as possible.

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Words from both sides:

When questioned about this, a spokesperson of that company said, “It is common practice for IT companies to place servers all around the globe to provide better service to its users. We will not do anything to breach the trust of our users. At UC Web, we take security and privacy very seriously and work hard to comply with local regulations of each region we operate in… We have strong measures in place to encrypt the data while we transmit it.

And when media questioned ministry official, he said, “Complaints have been received against UC Browser that it sends mobile data of Indian users to servers in China. The matter is being looked into.”

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Not only that, but also there were complaints that even if a user has uninstalled it or cleaned browsing data, the browser retains control of DNS of users device.” Which means privacy breach of user device without his/her concern.

Alibaba's UC Browser-Ban in India
Alibaba’s UC Browser-Ban in India

That is why Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology doesn’t want to take a chance against Alibaba’s UC Browser.

So, we may have to wait for final report on UC Web. Let’s see what will happen. Hope it’s for better sake – The Intelligent India.

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