Trackmyfone Review: It’s The Most Affordable App – But How Good Is It Actually?

by Sara Johnson 1


Smartphone monitoring apps are used by parents, employers and spouse all around the world. These are convenient to use and in most cases, they are used for secretive spying. While these apps are legal to use for monitoring purposes, there are still too many questions that you have to ask yourself before getting one, because these apps have a reputation to backfire, unless you are going with a reliable company. There are a few prerequisites of buying a smartphone monitoring app, make sure you know about all of them (more on this later).

Recently, I came across this smartphone monitoring app called Trackmyfone. The app is very affordable to use and has some great set of features; but does this extreme affordability comes at a price of comprised features? Let’s find it out.




When it’s about smartphone monitoring apps, you could literally come across hundreds of them, but there are only a few ones that are really worth your money. In today’s review, we will be looking at Trackmyfone from price, features and compatibility’s perspective.

So here it is: my Trackmyfone review.

App Overview & First Impression

My initial impression about the app wasn’t that great, because just by looking at the price, it seemed like a lighter version of a mobile monitoring app. But once you dig in, you realize that the app is not that bad; in fact, it’s great.

Trackmyfone is legal to use; in case, if you are wondering. The app can be used to monitor your children’s digital activity or to track your employees’ cell phone use during work. It can also be used for spouse monitoring, because the app can be discreetly installed on a device.

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Before moving onto the pricing and features, it’s worthwhile knowing about the compatibility of this app. Take note that TrackMyFone is compatible with the following mobile OS:

  • Android, running Gingerbread 2.3 or higher (compatible up to Android 6.0.1)
  • iOS, running iOS 6.0 or higher (compatible up to iOS 9.3.5)

If you have a device that doesn’t fit in with the compatibility of the app, don’t try to spend your money then. The app may still work but it’s not optimized for very old mobile OS.


When you look at the pricing, it’s important that you take features into consideration too for a fair comparison. Here are the details about the pricing:

Android Premium:

  • 1 month @ $29.99
  • 3 months @ $13.33/month (you will be charged $39.99)
  • 12 months @ $5.82/month (you will be charged $69.99)

 iPhone No-Jailbreak

  • 1 month @ $49.99/month
  • 3 months @ $23.33/month (you will be charged $69.99)
  • 12 month @ $8.33/month (you will be charged $99.99)

The app used to have a jailbreak version in the past, but with advancements in their no-jailbreak, it turned obsolete. Trackmyfone is extremely cheap, only when it comes to annual billing; the monthly and quarterly packages aren’t that affordable though.


When it comes down to features, Trackmyfone doesn’t disappoint. Though, you won’t be getting the same features on the no-jailbreak version as with the Android Premium; still, they both are worth it. For this read, we will particularly look at the Android Premium features only.

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Let’s move onto the features section of this Trackmyfone review.

Call Monitoring

With Trackmyfone, you can view logs of all the incoming, outgoing and missed calls, and that too with date and time stamps. Each phone also comes with the recipients’ ID and phone number.

Social media monitoring

With this app, you can monitor WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Kik, Instagram, Tinder and Line. However, make sure that you are giving yourself a walkthrough of the features’ section before buying Trackmyfone.

Remote Security

One instance where Trackmyfone truly deserves appreciation is its remote security features. Parents and employers can use these features to manage smartphone activity of their kids and employees, respectively.

With Trackmyfone’s remote monitoring tool, you can wipe data off a monitored phone, lock it, or even take a screenshot. What I found missing was the call recording feature that could have been there.

Multimedia monitoring

You can view all the photos and videos saved on a device. This also includes all the multimedia that’s shared on the aforementioned social media apps.

GPS tracking

I haven’t tried the GPS tracking feature on this app, but If I had, I would have preferred a real-time location tracking. This app, on the contrary, provides location history logs that are updated every 15 minutes on Android and subjective to the iCloud backup on iOS.

 Watchlist Alerts

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One feature that makes Trackmyfone a great choice for monitoring smartphones is its Watchlist Alerts. Without Watchlist alerts, you would have to regularly check Trackmyfone’s Control Panel, but with them, you get alerts on all Watchlisted keywords, phone numbers, and places.

Weighing Up

Now that we know the features, pricing and compatibility, let’s weigh the costs against the benefits to come up with our final verdict about the app.


  • The pricing on the app is the biggest reason why one should go for Trackmyfone. A subscription fee of $5.82/month is the lowest price for a mobile monitoring app.
  • The performance itself is quite commendable too. A low price doesn’t come up at the cost of comprised features or performance.
  • Great to be used for monitoring your children or employees.
  • More than 30 features.
  • Provides Extensive social media tracking
  • Watchlist alerts makes it quite easy to keep tabs on important cell phone activity from the target device.


  • Some of the features on Android version require rooting. However, this is a limitation for every mobile monitoring software you would come across.
  • There is no real-time location tracking.
  • It should not have a discreet mode that open channels for spying.

Final Verdict

With its price and features correlation, Trackmyfone is undisputedly the most valuable app that you could get for now. If pricing really matters, this app is made for you.

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