10 Tips To Make Your Android Device Run Faster – Simple Techniques

by Praneeth Karnena 0


Android is a operating system which is currently developed by the Google based on the Linux kernel and basically designed  for touchscreen mobile devices. The user interface of Android  is mainly based on direct manipulation such as swiping, tapping and pinching, to manipulate on-screen objects, along with a virtual keyboard for text input. In addition to these devices Google has developed Android TV for televisions, Android Auto for cars, and Android wear for wrist watches, each has a specific user interface.

Android Logo

The devices which are computerized will have the degree of efficiency low due to immense use of these devices. The efficiency of this type of devices cannot be enhanced physically. But the electronic components used in these devices  are flexible.These devices keep slowing down due to the usage and accumulate the data.There are many factors effecting these devices such as more installation of apps, the computer resources like RAM and internal storage become insufficient etc., So to enhance the performance of the device, Here are the 1o fixtures which helps the device to load apps faster  and further more.

  1. Strip the Launcher:

The custom launchers which have been installed in your device must be stripped. Even the best launchers often slows down the device. The launchers can be used when the stock launcher is not good and is slow, this may be the case if your device is manufactured by Chinese or Indian Manufacturing Companies like Karbonn etc.,.There is another occasion when the software that these companies put in their phones is not optimized well enough and in that circumstance it is preferred to go with the third-party launcher.

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But you need to be careful when you introduce third-party launcher. Hey, just don’t stick to one launcher, If the launcher is not working proper just uninstall that and install a new one.

Android Launcher
Android Launcher

2.Strip the Security Apps:

There are many bugs related to Android security than any other Operating Systems. Google itself has said that its not necessary to install  any security apps to keep your device secure because most of the security apps do not function proper and they occupy the RAM and fill up the free space provided. So, to keep your device secure you just have to follow some safe practices and do avoid installing the apps from trashy web pages.

Android Lock
Android Security

Download the most secure app here:https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.avast.android.mobilesecurity&hl=en

3.Strip the Apps that Optimize: The Nexus mobiles does not require ant type of optimization because they are the fastest Android devices of all.Android devices do not require apps that optimize as  Android has in built mechanism to optimize itself. So to make your android device faster you have to uninstall the apps that optimize.

app opimisation
app booster

4.Uninstall the unwanted apps:

There are many apps which you don’t use and they just make up your device free space.Android operating system is such that when more number of apps get installed then there is a chance that it may effect the remaining apps that are already installed.So to make sure that your device function properly just remove the apps that are of no use.Go  to settings > Apps scroll the list of apps and delete the unwanted apps.

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5.Free the Storage:

When internal storage is full in a phone it can have significant effect on the phone’s performance because fuller disks have slow read and write data speed. This introduces lag into the device. Delete the unwanted data (apps, videos, photos) from your device or copy the data into a computer to free up space on your phone’s storage.

6.Stop Background apps:

Some apps are necessary but they can also be annoying. For example,My Airtel app. You need it. But don’t need it daily and you definitely don’t want it to always run in the background.  Don’t worry, when you need the app you can just tap on its icon and open it. It will again start functioning.Go to the Settings > Apps and force stop the app you don’t want to run in the background.

7.Clear app cache:

There are many offline apps that collect and store enormous  data in the cache. After certain time period this can overwhelm the device hardware.Some apps get crashed repeatedly,run slow,clear cache and data stored. If you clear the  app cache, you may have to log into the apps again and you will lose data stored by these apps on your phone. Clearing the app cache makes your device function efficiently. To clear cache, go to Settings > Apps.

8.Reboot the device:
It is easy to hear “turn off your device and on again”. The reason is,it often works. If you haven’t switch off your device anytime and if the device becomes slow then switch off the device for some time and turn on it again. This process makes the RAM clear and shut downs the unwanted apps running in the background.
9.Clear phone cache:
Clearing the app cache is entirely different from clearing the device cache.We suggest this option only when other options are exhausted.Clearing the device cache makes the device fresh. To do this, you will have to go into the recovery mode, which is most of time different for different devices. But usually it involves pressing a few buttons — volume and power — in a particular method. Once you enter the recovery mode, go to Wipe Cache Partition option and wipe it. This will delete temporary system files and junk etc that your may have accumulated.
10.Factory Reset:

This is the last option that you can exercise.Factory reset means deleting the entire data on your device and resorting the original software.This clears all the data on the phone and gives you a device that would feel refreshingly new even if its body bears marks of overuse.This method is fairly good solution for the device which has become unbearably slow.It means you have to install all the apps and set up the device again.Navigate to Settings > Backup And Reset.