Technology Inventions & Innovations Inspired by Harry Potter Series

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Tech Inventions Inspired By Harry Potter

Harry Potter, One of the Most Popular Fantasy Series written by J.K.Rowling. It’s all about the Story revolving around Harry Potter, son of Two Great Wizards in a Magic World. It has got many elements in it: Mystery, Adventure, Thrill, Horror, Romance, Tragedy, Friendship, Comedy etc etc. But, what is the matter to deal with Harry Potter now. Just give it a Try. Above all these elements, Harry Potter had given many hints to the Future Inventions that can revolutionize the entire world.

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Don’t you want to know what those Inventions are? Yeah.. There are Inventions probably been inspired by Harry Potter Series seriously. Ok, fine. No more suspense. Let’s dive into Topic. Be with me till the end. Here we go….

Inventions Inspired By Harry Potter Series >>

Optical Camouflage – Invisible Cloak:

Remember the invisible cloak in the movie Harry Potter? Optical Camouflage is a type of technology that excites everyone. You’ll be shell shocked after reading about this technology. Probably, this is the most advanced  technology that has a so called image, Science Fiction.

Harry Potter - Invisible Cloak
Harry Potter – Invisible Cloak

OC is technology that makes you invisible. This technology works on the principle of Augmented Reality. It makes the light rays bend around the material where they hit making the object invisible. This technology is no more fictional. Real life applications of this technology are still being tested.

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Optical Camouflage - Science Fiction
Optical Camouflage – Science Fiction

Flying HoverBoard – Broom Stick:

Don’t you remember the Hovering Broom Sticks in the Harry Potter series. It’s a great idea that even made Many Scientists to think about creating a Personal Hovering Device which can help to Travel in Air upto a Certain Heights. Flying Broom Sticks gave an Raw Idea to Design of Flying Hoverboards.

Harry Potter's Broom Stick
Harry Potter’s Broom Stick Fly

A Canadian, Duru created such one and used it for 275.9 metres in 1.5 minutes across Quebec lake, which was just homemade, but propeller-powered. Now, he is working for Omni HoverboardsHowever, it seems Duru is a great follower of Harry Potter Series.

Harry Potter Flying Hoverboard
Duru’s Flying Hoverboard

Self Driving Cars – Flying Ford Anglia:

Harry Potter Series never fails to astound me. The scenes of Self-Driving Flying Car made me laugh a lot and amused too. Because, at first I thought there won’t be a Car of such kind in real world. But, with some changes Google intorduced those Self-Driving Cars. Not only Google; Tesla Motors, BMW, Apple are also keen about designing such kind of cars in near Future.

Flying Car-Harry Potter
Flying Ford Anglia-Harry Potter

However, Google‘s Self Driving Cars are a bit reality for a while in California, but they are still not available in the commercial markets. Whereas in UAE, self driving cars are available for commercial use since 2010. So, what did Harry Potter do? It even made Google, Apple to copy its features for Commercial Use.

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Google Self Driving Car
Google Self Driving Car

Nueralizer – Memory Erasing Charm:

Actually, Memory Erasing Charm(Obliviate) is a magic spell used by Professor Gilderoy Lockhart on Harry Potter, but it backfires on to him. And it is similar to the Nueralizer Equipment seen in “Men in Black. 

Harry Potter-Obliviate-Memory Erase Charm
Nueralizer Spell-Obliviate-Harry Potter

Nueralizer is a device which erases the memories of a person, from certain point of time that had been set. Nueralizer is under development stage now, which is yet to be released.

Nueralizer-Harry Potter-Men in Black
Nueralizer-MIB, Obliviater-Harry Potter

Teleporter – Magic Spell to Switch Places:

In Harry Potter, we come across a few spells to switch places from some particular locations like Under Home-Fire Chimney or from the doors of Vanishing Cabinet in Room of Requirement.

Vanishing Cabinet-Harry Potter
Vanishing Cabinet-Harry Potter

That is actually similar to the Future Technology, so called “The Teleporter“, which is also seen in different instance of movies like Star Trek.

Harry Potter-Teleporter


But, the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle states that you may either know the position or the speed of a particle but never both simultaneously. True Teleportation of people and objects from one place to another will likely never seen in such assumptions. Buy Harry Potter 8 Film Collection Blu-ray For Just $42 . So being said, some scientists from Joint Quantum Institute at the University of Maryland and the University of Michigan came together to team up in 2008 and successfully “teleported” information from one atom to another atom (about 3 feet away). Thus, “Teleporter” is also a Future Tech that had been predicted by Harry Potter.

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GIF’s – Moving Pictures in Hogwarts Newspaper:

Do you all remember the Moving Pictures in the Hogwarts official newspapers or posters in the streets of Hogwarts. That idea also influenced many and gave birth to GIF, which is now a craze in Online Media. Even Twitter is adding these GIF features to it soon or later. Giphy, Imgur became famous small startups that gained so much popularity by the GIF’s. Thus, Harry Potter series even helped many to put-up successful Startups.

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