Technology in Cricket: Artificially Intelligent Bowling Machines

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Technology in Cricket

Today’s cricket has been implanted with one of the most advanced Technologies in the world. Artificial Intelligence has made it’s way into the field of cricket too.  Cricket – Yeah, this single word is enough to impart energy into many people. Most of you or I can say All of you know very well about Cricket. However, what is the matter here with Cricket to be a topic under the functioning of Technicality. Yeah, Tech is the Thing you know.


There is something, I wanna share with you about the Modernized Cricket. In Olden Days, there were to be 60 Overs in ODI’s and Tests are played between some teams only. But, as the days and years went on, Cricket also got reformed and revolutionized. Now, Many Countries have announced Cricket as a Significant Sport. So, there is a need of Technical Implementation in Cricket too. That’s why there are many new Rules introduced into this Huge Sport’s Life by ICC.

MS Dhoni Stumping
Bails With Sensor Technology

“DRS System, Coloured Balls, Day-and-Night Test Matches, T20 formats, Glowing Stumps and Bails, Coloured Test Dresses, Snickko Reviews, Hotspot Reviewers, Wicket-Rear Cameras, 1/1oth second Replay Reviews, Third Umpire decks etc etc.” All these are nothing, but new applications and implementations in Cricket.

Practicing Cricket With a Bowling Machine
Old Bowling Machines

Now, it is time to update Cricket Learning once again. Which I mean that there is a new Invention that Remodelled and made learning Cricket so much Interesting. They are nothing but New Bowling Machines, which allow the batsman to see the cloned action of bowler on the Screen attatched to the Bowling Machine.

Isn’t it quite Interesting? I was amuzed after seeing this. I just thought what on earth to lead to the  thought of such a Idea to Implement in Cricket. The Technology used in this is quite amazing too.

New Bowling Machines
New Bowling Machines

At first, they recorded many famous and infamous bowling actions. And then they reframed it with different speeds.

After that, They put the Swing option applied by Artificial Intelligence Coded into the Controller of the Machine.

However, I am very much happy with this Invention, because I can literally watch or observe the Bowling action going to be Delivered by the machine, and by default of being a Cricketer, there is much possibility of hitting the ball with proper timing, at Right gaps. Which is very much helpful to any upcoming batsman,as me, to learn things of this way.

I hope whoever read this  may think ” Wanna Play with these one day?.” Right. I too have the same feeling dudes. Chill out.

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