Tech Giants turn against Trump on Immigration Ban – Here’s why

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Tech vs Trump

Tech Giants turn against Trump on Immigration Ban – Here’s why. “Tech vs Trump” is trending right now.

Soon after he took the seat of President, Trump started to startle all other nations of the world. He came up with the idea of Muslims Immigration Ban. And he says it’s good to take precautions from Terrorists entering U.S.A. But, why do you think most of the Tech Giants are against this thing. Because without immigrants there would be no Silicon Valley.

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As per the stats, 51% of the companies in the Silicon Valley are founded by Immigrants to U.S.A. And the thing more interesting than these stats is that

Gadgets: Tech Advancements
Gadgets: Tech Advancements

Without Immigrants, the following companies even may not exist:

Famous Immigrants who revolutionised Tech in U.S.A:

  • Sergey Brin – Emigrated from Russia. (Google)
  • Steve Jobs – Son of a Syrian Muslim. (Apple)
  • Steve Chen – Emigrated from Taiwan. (YouTube)
  • Andrew Grove – Emigrated from Hungarian. (Intel)
  • Elon Musk – South Africa-born & Emigrated from Canada. (Tesla, SpaceX)
  • Steve Wozniak – Son of a Ukranian. (Apple)
  • Larry Ellison – Son of an Italian. (Oracle)
  • Pierre Omidyar – Iranian-American, Emigrated from France. (Ebay)
  • Eduardo Saverin – Emigrated from Brazil. (Facebook)
  • William Boeing – Son of Austrian, German parents.
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And the ironical thing is that even Donald Trump is Son of a Scottish Man who was a USA Immigrant then.

So, these facts say more than what we think. Industries are meant to be found and run by people who’re worthy without the differentiations of religion, country, sex and age. And that’s why most of the Tech Giants like Google, Apple and Tesla are against Trump’s new idea of Immigration Ban.

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And as the world seems to be held in the hands of Extremists, Tech Giants can play a key role in moulding the world into a right path without the chances of World War Occurrence.