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Today’s cricket has been implanted with one of the most advanced Technologies in the world. Artificial Intelligence has made it’s way into the field of cricket too. Cricket – Yeah, this single word is enough to impart energy into many people. Most of you or I can say All of you know very well about Cricket. However, what is the matter here with Cricket to be a topic under the functioning of Technicality. Yeah, Tech is the Thing you know.

Cricket Tech
Cricket Tech

There is something, I wanna share with you about the Modernized Cricket. In Olden Days, there were to be 60 Overs in ODI’s and Tests are played between some teams only. But, as the days and years went on, Cricket also got reformed and revolutionized. Now, Many Countries have announced Cricket as a Significant Sport. So, there is a need of Technical Implementation in Cricket too. That’s why there are many new Rules introduced into the Book of Cricket by ICC.

Technology in Cricket

“DRS System, Coloured Balls, Day-and-Night Test Matches, T20 formats, Glowing Stumps and Bails, Coloured Test Dresses, Snickko Reviews, Hotspot Reviewers, Wicket-Rear Cameras, 1/1oth second Replay Reviews, Third Umpire decks etc etc.” All these are nothing, but new applications and implementations in Cricket.

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So, what next? Let us Imagine the Visuals of our words. Feel the Spirit of Cricket.

Why Cricket is known as Gentlemen’s Game? Because of its Rules and Sports Man Spirit. But, Now a days that name is slowly fading away from the Word “Cricket.” So, we need to update Cricket Watching and Learning Perspectives once again.

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So, Today, Here I present you all with the Snicko-Meter Technology in Cricket.


Actually, Snicko Meter was invented by Allan Plaskett in early 90’s. However, it came into limelight very lately.

Snicko Meter” is made of a very sensitive microphone located in one of the stumps at keeper end. It is connected to an Oscilloscope that tracks and calculates the frequency,distortions and wavelength of sound waves. Whenever there is Nick of Ball to Bat that can be barely noticed by Umpire or Replay, then we used to Review by this Snicko Meter. So, when nicking of ball onto bat happens, the Oscilloscope tracer will record the sounds. At the same time, a high speed camera records the ball passing the bat. The Oscilloscope Recorded trace is then played alongside the slow motion video of the ball passing the bat, and by the distortions happened in the sound wave we can determine whether ball hit the bat or any other object causing for Appeal.

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Time-Domain Waveform for Snicko
Time-Domain Waveform for Snicko

And Snicko Meter rely on Time-Domain Waveform system for Accuracy and Analysis.

That’s it. Job Done.

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