SnapDeal Launches Sherpalo – Seller Experience Enhancement Program

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

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SnapDeal is the India’s Biggest Online MarketPlace, in terms of sellers. And is a Giant Network, that competes with other strong Online MarketPlaces like FlipKart, Ebay etc. Now, it released a new platform for enhancing the sellers experiences across it’s platform. Snapdeal named it as “SherPalo“.

SherPalo grants sellers to access Self-learning videos and Generates Charcateristics about their performance, assists them to find Operations Improvement Areas, according to the news release.

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SnapDeal Founders
SnapDeal Founders

“With over 2,00,000 sellers now using our marketplace to grow their business, our endeavour is to use technology to help them in becoming more successful and to scale their business effectively. The guiding principle behind introducing this easy and intuitive panel is our promise of ‘Online Business Made Easy’,” said Vishal Chadha, Senior Vice-President in Market Development Section at Snapdeal.

As per the statement issued by Snapdeal, the Sherpalo platform authorized Verification process through Image Categorization, Algorithmic Scale of Image Quality. Not only that, it also allows sellers to click and add products across mobile platforms too, which makes systemization absolutely at ease for them.


“We are excited to launch ‘Sherpalo‘ for our sellers. Similar to the process we followed to refresh our customer interface earlier this year; we have mapped seller journeys on Snapdeal and tailored the interface to suit their needs effectively. We are confident that the new interface will make it extremely convenient for small and medium enterprises to grow their businesses on Snapdeal,” said Anand Chandrasekaran, Chief Product Officer at Snapdeal and posted a few things about it on twitter.

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It is availble both on Web and Mobile Platforms for the Sellers on SnapDeal.