Simple Trick To Find A Hidden Facebook Password

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Facebook passwords can be seen and exposed in spite of masking them as asterisks. This simple trick can expose a facebook password. Hey buddy, your facebook password is no more confidential. A platform that made all to come together and share their Ideas and Feelings by means of it. It became quite famous in a very short period of time. This year Facebook’s annual income rose up to 6 Billion Dollars. That was a immensely great performance by the Facebook Team. In fact, most of the Networking Geeks thinking that Facebook may cross Google in the field of Advertising soon. But, that is not the matter I wanna share with you guys now. The thing is that many of you use Facebook in your mobile or Laptop or PC, and many use Facebook in Friends Mobile or PC or Laptop. So, whenever you save the password for the site of Facebook, the very next time it shows up, if you enter the username correctly. But, it shows up in jotted dots/asterisks format like ******. You can unmask the password which results in a plain text. But why do you want to see a hidden or masked facebook password? To be simple, you are just learning your first steps in becoming a Tech geek. How wonderful it sounds..! We’re glad to teach you more at

Facebook Login
Facebook Login

The point is that, you can actually break the hidden characters of that password just with a simple trick. What is that trick?

Wait guys, I’ll demonstrate it for you. Remember these things to see the hidden password under jotted dots format.

  • First of all, open Facebook Login Page.
  • Enter the username you want to know the password of.( Works if and only if password is saved in that browser.)
  • Now, you get auto-filled password in jotted dots format in the password filling box.
  • Then, Inspect the page by Right-Clicking anywhere on that page. For Chrome, you may use the Shortcut of Ctrl+Shift+I  to Inspect the page.
  • Now, left click around the password fill-box, just in a way that only password fill-box section is selected by the mouse.
  • Then, Inspect that thing particularly.
  • You get to see the Control Box beside the page showing password=hidden in that area.
  • Now, Double click on it or Right-click and select the Change Attribute option.
  • Now, change the password=hidden to password=text .
  • As soon as you change that thing in the browser, you’ll get to see the saved password in Text Form.
  • That’s it. By this you can prank your friends, frighten them. Do some other silly things too.

But, use this method at your own risk and legal conflicts. This thing may also be helpful sometimes for those who forget password, but previously saved the password in the Browser. Thus, get to know of Facebook’s saved hidden password. Now, the hidden facebook password was exposed. No matter which browser or device you may use, the hidden facebook password can be unmasked.

This is not only the method for Facebook. You may use it for almost all websites, which have saved passwords in the browser.

I hope you like reading this article. Thanks for checking out.

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