Security Flaw In iOS 9 Allows Hackers To Access Photos & Contacts

by Praneeth Karnena 0


Do you have an iPhone with latest release of iOS9 running in it. You should be careful because the security flaw in the iOS9 can allow the hackers to peep into your personal photos and contacts even though your device is locked and touch ID is enabled. iPhone users should really have a serious concern about this Security bug because this method is really easy to hack into someone’s iPhone or iPad which gives complete access to your Photos and Contacts.

iOS 9 - DustMoon.Com
iOS 9 – DustMoon.Com

Enabling Siri for lock screen of your iPhone allows other users to peep into your personal life. Here are the sequential steps to show how this security flaw works:

  1. Enter pass code incorrectly for four consecutive times on your iPhone.
  2. For the fifth attempt enter 3 digits and now press the home button to invoke Siri followed by 4th digit code.
  3. Siri will get activated and ask Siri about the time.
  4. A clock will popup showing the time details and just tap on the icon.
  5. It will take you to clock app and now tap on plus button on right top corner.
  6. Now activate search bar and enter some stuff into it and tap on the search bar select entered text and then tap on share.
  7. It allows you to share the information via message app open it from share sheet.
  8. Type something in the To field and hit return
  9. Now tap twice on the information you entered it will lead to info screen where you can add new contact or get access to Existing contact.
  10. Hit on create new contact tap on add photo select the photos from the picture gallery.
  11. You are accessing the information in a device which is still locked. Is it not a serious security threat? 

Before Apple fixes this bug, here is a tip to save your privacy. Disable Siri access from the Lock screen. To do this, go to Settings and tap on Touch ID & Passcode and turn off the Siri.