Samsung Unveils New Wireless Charging Pad Which Charges 30% Faster Than The Previous Charger

by Praneeth Karnena 0


New Samsung wireless charging pad charges the mobile 30% faster than the previous wireless charger built by Samsung. The new wireless Qi charger is embedded with notification light’s of blue while charging and green when mobile is completely charged.

The wireless charger uses the principle of inductive charging i.e., it transfers energy between two objects using electromagnetic field. With this technology mobile phone can be charged without any external charging cable attachment. Adjust the phone on the charging pad properly it leads to charging.

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Samsung Wireless Charging
Samsung Wireless Charging

A fan is kept at the bottom of the charger pad is surrounded by the air vents to allow free flow of air to keep the charger cool. The manual of the charger also confirms that the typical design of the wireless charger had a fan in it.

This single charger can charge multiple Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Since it is Qi certified charging pad it can charge any Qi enabled device. The alerts and notification systems enabled in this device made the charging an lively experience to the users. Suppose if you don’t place the mobile properly on the pad it will alert you for a proper alignment. This is a cool, super fast charger which is designed to amaze.

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