Samsung 16TB SSD: World’s Largest Solid State Drive

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Samsung 16 TB SSD

The Samsung 16TB SSD is the world’s largest SSD in terms of memory capacity. Samsung, the arch rival of Apple Inc. has unleashed a 16 Terabytes solid state drive, the first of it’s kind with such a giant memory. The solid state drive manufactured by Samsung can store 16 terabytes of data. Keep in mind, a Solid State Drive or SSD is completely different from a Hard Disk Drive or HDD. This Samsung 16TB SSD is the  first largest SSD in terms of memory capacity. Samsung has been manufacturing memory card and storage devices but this is the first time, it has unleashed a Solid State Drive with such high memory capacity. Samsung Electronics which has entered the electronic manufacturing industry in 1969, is now a household name in the mobile retail industry. Samsung enjoys world’s largest share of the smartphone market leaving Apple behind.


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Samsung 16 TB SSD
Samsung 16 TB SSD


So how much data can this Samsung 16TB SSD can store?

This is the best part of the article;

  • Over 3 Million mp3 songs.
  • More than 4000 HD movies.
  • Nearly, 5 Million digital photos.
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“It’s 1000 times bigger than an entry level iPhone and 32 times bigger than the storage in the computer on which I’m writing these words.”, says Peter Dockdrill, who reviews digital devices.

With everything going digital, Samsung has taken a strong leap forward and released this 16TB SSD. Data is no more confined to a 100 GB HDD, it has broken all the bounds. Storage of data and it’s security is the ultimate concern. While retrieving the stored data at a jet speed is a real prioritySamsung has bowed to all these needs to the max possible extent releasing a breakthrough product, 16TB SSD. Till this product launch of Samsung’s, 10 TB SSD is the largest available SSD in the market manufactured by vendors, Seagate and Western Digital.


Samsung 16 TB SSD
Samsung 16 TB SSD


So what’s the difference between a Solid State Drive (SSD) and a Hard Disk Drive (HDD) ?

SSD is data storage device too, like a HDD. The sheer difference between a SSD and a HDD is it’s performance. Solid State Drives perform far better than traditional Hard Disk Drives. The data retrieving speed and writing speed is much faster in a SSD than in HDD. Operating System on a SSD boots faster than in a HDD. Buy Samsung T1 Portable 1TB USB 3.0 External SSD

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AttributeSSD (Solid State Drive)HDD (Hard Disk Drive)
Power Draw / Battery LifeLess power draw, averages 2 – 3 watts, resulting in 30+ minute battery boostMore power draw, averages 6 – 7 watts and therefore uses more battery
CostExpensive, roughly $0.10 per gigabyte (based on buying a 1TB drive)Only around $0.06 per gigabyte, very cheap (buying a 4TB model)
CapacityTypically not larger than 1TB for notebook size drives; 1TB max for desktopsTypically around 500GB and 2TB maximum for notebook size drives; 6TB max for desktops
Operating System Boot TimeAround 10-13 seconds average bootup timeAround 30-40 seconds average bootup time
NoiseThere are no moving parts and as such no soundAudible clicks and spinning can be heard
VibrationNo vibration as there are no moving partsThe spinning of the platters can sometimes result in vibration
Heat ProducedLower power draw and no moving parts so little heat is producedHDD doesn’t produce much heat, but it will have a measurable amount more heat than an SSD due to moving parts and higher power draw
Failure RateMean time between failure rate of 2.0 million hoursMean time between failure rate of 1.5 million hours
File Copy / Write SpeedGenerally above 200 MB/s and up to 550 MB/s for cutting edge drivesThe range can be anywhere from 50 – 120MB / s
EncryptionFull Disk Encryption (FDE)Supported on some modelsFull Disk Encryption (FDE) Supported on some models
File Opening SpeedUp to 30% faster than HDDSlower than SSD
Magnetism Affected?An SSD is safe from any effects of magnetismMagnets can erase data
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Intel SSD
Intel SSD


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