Royal Revolt 2 – Tricks to Earn Free Vouchers

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Royal Revolt 2

Want to get Free Vouchers in Royal Revolt 2. And, if you aren’t Inviting Friends for Free Vouchers yet, then you are losing the vouchers freely out! So, I’ll help you to get Free Vouchers in Royal Revolt 2.

In Royal Revolt 2, for every 3 hours, all the players are allowed to Generate and Publish a New Friend code. So, Here is my personally used & genuine working method to get More Vouchers for Free!

Steps for Getting those Free Vouchers in Royal Revolt 2 are:

1.) Open Royal Revolt-2 Game.

2.) And then, Click on the Green Voucher Icon anywhere in the game.

3.) However, Simplest thing is just go to the Voucher Bazaar & Click on “Invite Friends.”

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Voucher Bazaar
Voucher Bazaar

4.) Choose any of the methods, you like (Mail or Facebook or any other App:[eg:Facebook]).

Invite Friends
Invite Friends-RR2

5.) Then, you get to see a message with a 9 Letter Code been generated within the message.

6.) Now then, Copy that code.

7.) Then, go to the link or URL shown here below.

8.) Paste the Code there or type in that code in the space-box given on that site-page.

9.) And then click submit (letter or envelope icon,on right-corner of the box) or just hit Enter.

10.) Sit back and Chill out. Soon or much soon, someone else using the site will Enter your Code in Royal Revolt 2 as Friend Code.

Free Vouchers in RR2
Free Vouchers in RR2

11.) From then, they will show up in your ‘Friends’ list with a Voucher Icon attached.

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12.) They will generate Vouchers for You, and You will generate Vouchers for them..! Quite Simple, huh.

But, there are some limitations too. You can only have up to 20 friends on your list those who can generate Vouchers. And other 20 friends those who do not generate vouchers, simply your Actual Friends in the Game.

There is a great strategy behind this Swapping codes or Dumping Codes concept. It is that, if you dump Code in the given Site, that you have a much Higher probability of New Players using your code in Royal Revolt 2.

Because, mostly New Players generate MANY MORE Free Vouchers, than that of experienced players..! A Bit Quirky though, but helps you a lot.

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#Tip1: Use this Trick Every-Day! Manage your Friends List! Whenever you Voucher Friends reach higher experience or level just unfriend them. And again post a new code. So, keep your list full of New Voucher Friends always..!

#Tip2: Don’t use your Vouchers for filthy uses. Just Save’Em..! Use them for Important Things like Hiring Workers, adding a Magic Slot and then a Troop Slot, Then back to more Workers..! Because, the tasks I mentioned are far more important than the other tasks. So, just save’em and use at Appropriate moments.

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