Royal Revolt 2 Review by Genuine Gaming Fan

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Royal Revolt 2

Royal Revolt 2 is an Arcade-strategy game. It was developed by FlareGames. After the hype created by the Royal Revolt Game, FlareGames developed the Royal Revolt 2 (updated sequel version of Royal Revolt) with much better graphics and interface. Now, it has a huge-fan base. Mostly the players are from Asian Continent. It is available in App Store, Google Play Store, Windows Phone Store and even in Windows PC Store too. So, you can imagine it’s supremacy over many other Gaming Apps.

Royal Revolt 2
Royal Revolt 2


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Many Top Gaming Apps doesn’t dare to enter Windows PC, Mobile Stores; until they reach a maximum peak position. But, FlareGames didn’t fear of such things. They launched the every possible profitable versions of Royal Revolt 2 and all of them are travelling in success path exponentially.

And it’s leading one among the “Top Free Games” Category in Windows PC, Mobile Store. And at sometimes, t even leads the way all along in Apple App Store too; in Free Games Category.


Windows-Top Free Games-Royal Revolt 2
Windows-Top Free Games-Royal Revolt 2

However, it got followers from all around the world. So, it needs to be updated time to time, day to day. Although, it has been updating the Game, there is a need of new elements and features to the Game. So, they are still working on it. And now, it is even available for Windows 10 too.

Overall considering the features and graphics, we give Royal Revolt 2 an “A+” rating under Free Games category. It is one of the best strategy games in gaming world. That’s our Genuine Review of Royal Revolt 2. We hope you all agree with us.

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It got millions of downloads and excellent review from many Gaming Lovers and normal audience.

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