Reliance Jio ‘Fiber to the Home’ service offers 100 Mbps Minimum Speed

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Jio-'Fiber to the Home' service

We all know about the sensation created by Reliance Jio. Due to Jio Offers and Packages, many other telecom companies were forced to introduce cheaper 4G Internet offers. That’s the craze of Jio in India right now. But, Reliance isn’t satisfied with this huge initial success. It wants to expand its operations into Broadband Services too. Maybe Mukesh Ambani is DREAMING BIG…


It came up with the service namely called “Fiber to the Home” under Jio. It assures that if anyone who uses this service can get a minimum speed of 100 Mbps. In short, it is called Jio-FTTH service.

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Relaince Jio – Fiber to the Home/FTTH service – Reports and Sources:

Based on the words from reliable sources, it is expected that Jio-FTTH service is afforable by every average Indian. And according to reports of Tele analysts, this service is under testing process. Jio is using trail services in some major cities of India to ensure complete success in future. Which means that Jio – FTTH service is likely to be announced at this year-end. However, there are a lot of things to consider against and in aid of.

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Jio-'Fiber to the Home' service
Jio-‘Fiber to the Home’ service

After considering all these things, Relaince Jio will launch this initiative, which can leave a huge impact on all other broadband service providers along with BSNL Broadband.

The one best thing about “Fiber to the Home” is that Every Average Indian can get their hands on Cheaper and Faster Internet Broadband Services soon.

Not only that, it is expected that if Reliance Jio-FTTH service succeeds, then Relaince Jio is interested in launcing all other security solutions in near future in the form of ‘Offers’ and ‘Packages’ to its customers. And these security solutions will allow users to control smart devices with the help of their smartphones.

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That’s all about Reliance Jio’s ‘Fiber to the Home – FTTH’ service.

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