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by Praneeth Karnena 9

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Update: WSJ has patched this backdoor. There is a new guide to read WSJ for free.

Wall Street Journal publishes news and other tech articles online which requires you to pay a fee in order to read the complete article. But there is a perfect and a clear way to read those articles for free. Google helps us with this job. It’s a matter of seconds. WSJ offers monthly to annual subscription plans. But everyone don’t wanna pay a fee to read a single article. WSJ, the publisher in which Steve Jobs has strongly belief and confidence right from the launch of Apple Inc. has set a standard for news publishing in the modern era. Wall Street Journal is the largest newspaper in the United States in terms of circulation. WSJ is owned by News Corp. Wall Street Journal, as the name implies which refers to the US business and financial capital published financial reports back in the 1920s. WSJ, at that time, was said to be one of the most genuine and perfect publishers of financial reports.

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Read WSJ Articles For Free

Steps to read WSJ Online Articles for free: screenshot


  • Choose an article which you would like to read. You were directed to a page where you can just only read the headline of the article and the body of the article appears to be translucent and hidden (Seen the screenshot below).
WSJ's Partial Article - Screenshot
WSJ’s Partial Article


  • You are allowed to read the complete article if and only if you are a subscriber of the WSJ. Now I’ll help you with this free sale. Copy the URL of your desired article to the clipboard.
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Copy Article URL - Screenshot
WSJ Article
  • Now head over to and paste the URL of WSJ Article in the search bar and hit Enter / Return.


WSJ Article - Google Search - Screenshot
WSJ Article – Google Search


  • Undoubtedly, your desired WSJ Article appears as the first result in the Google Search. Now click on the link to read the complete article, absolutely for free.
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Check out the image below, the screenshot of an article unlocked using the above-described method.

Unlocked WSJ Article Screenshot
Unlocked WSJ Article Screenshot