Quora Rolled out Something New called “Featured Comments”

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


Quora Rolled out something new called “Featured Comments“. Yes, Quora is a platform where users can post questions and answers related to any topic in general.

Even though Quora is running on funds right now, it is still testing many features like Beta Advertising and Promoted Advertisements from last year. But, there are some features that are requested by Top Writers and Major Contributors of Quora which can improve the content quality on Quora.

Quora Beta Advertising
Quora Beta Advertising

And one of such features is the concept of “Featured Comments” on Quora. The reason behind rolling out this feature is the Reddit behaviour of Quora users lately.

Clearly saying, a bunch of users on Quora started making a fuss in the comments section for every answer they don’t like and they’re trying to degrade the quality of content on Quora eventually. So, Quora looked into it and resolved such naive thing by this new feature.

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Ever since Quora was launched, there were thousands of updates and new features. But, they never tried to back off for any reason to introduce or test a new feature on their platform.

That’s because of the Quality User Base on Quora. They genuinely report to Quora, if they don’t seem to like any feature. And Quora’s Door is always open for suggestions.

Differentiation of Featured Comments on Quora:

This Product Update on Quora differentiated the comments section into three categories – Featured, Other and Collapsed.


  • Featured Comments are the ones which had got your upvote/ considerably large no.of upvotes.
  • Other Comments will be the ones without/fewer upvotes.
  • Collapsed Comments will be the ones which are downvoted by you/many of the users.
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Pros & Cons of Featured Comments Update on Quora:


  • Higher Comment Quality can be maintained.
  • Authors gain controls over comments section too.
  • Fuss in Comments section is rectified in most cases.
  • Comments from Quorans with good authority on the topic seem to be automatically featured.


  • Actual Count of Comments is now replaced by No.of Featured comments/No.of Other comments.
  • Older Answers with great/high-quality comments may not be seen on Featured comments anymore.
  • Some writers don’t get all of their comment notifications and may simply miss upvoting a good one into visibility.
  • Not a User-friendly design, though.
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That’s how the new feature changed the view of the entire comments section on Quora.

Which literally says users on Quora cannot be Reddit Immigrants anymore. If you want to be on Quora, behave like a Quoran.

And that is all about “Featured Comments” Product update on Quora.

If you have something else in mind about this, post them down in the comments section. And wait for our next post.

Till then, Hasta La Vista! 😉