Quora brings One More New Update – Recommended Comments

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


Quora brings on One More New Update to its platform this week – Recommended Comments. Yes, Quora is a platform where users can post questions and answers related to any topic in general.


Even though Quora is running on funds right now, it is still testing many features like Beta Advertising and Promoted Advertisements from last year. But, there are some features that are requested by Top Writers and Major Contributors of Quora which can improve the content quality on Quora. One of such kind is this feature of “Recommended Comments.”

Unlike many other social platforms, Quora is just a knowledge sharing site. So, the comments section in such platform matters a lot. There was an update last time in comments section called “Featured Comments.” It gave the power to the writer to choose which comments to be featured under his answers.

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Featured Comments on Quora
Featured Comments on Quora

However, Quora decided to bring on one more new update to its comments section. Because, there are some comments which were not seen by Writer, but they’re important or useful and upvoted by many others. So, such comments need to be seen by all in featured section.

To solve this situation, Quora brought this feature into action. If most of the users upvote a comment, then it can become the recommended comment to that answer. And if any of the Top Writers/Contributors of Quora choose to comment on an answer/upvote a comment on any answer, then that one will become the recommended comment to that answer.

Which means Recommended Comments replace the name of Featured Comments on Quora from now.

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Recommended Comments on Quora
Recommended Comments on Quora

Differentiation of Recommended Comments on Quora:

This Product Update on Quora differentiated the comments section into four categories – Recommended, Featured, Other and Collapsed.

  • Recommended Comments are the high-quality comments on Quora which are usually the ones which had got your upvote and with considerably large no.of upvotes or upvoted/written by Top Writers.
  • Other Comments will be the ones without/fewer upvotes.
  • Collapsed Comments will be the ones which are downvoted by you/many of the users.
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Pros of Recommended Comments Update on Quora:


  • Higher Content Quality can be maintained.
  • Fuss in Comments section is rectified in most cases.
  • Comments from Quorans with good authority on the topic seem to be automatically recommended.

But, there are some limitations too. If the writer of the answer don’t want it to be on the top of the comments section, he can downvote it or dramatically delete it at his own will. That’s how the Recommended Comments Feature works after all.

If you have something else in mind about this, post them down in the comments section. And wait for our next post.