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Quora Product Updates

Quora is in Love♥ with Experimenting💈 – And it never fails to amuse✨ us. Today, we have witnessed one of such kind yet again. You may ask me why? Because, there’s one more update feature in its platform. And this time it’s called “Language Credentials“.

Starting from Today, we can use the Language Credentials option in our profile. It’s the latest product update from User Interface/User Experience Team.


WTF is that? It’s one of the handy features that can improve its platform to create different language versions of it.

Here’s the guide to add Language Credentials in your profile.

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Guide to Language Credentials on Quora:

There, you can find Language Credential option on the right side of page under Credentials & Highlights Section of your profile.


Quora Language Credential Feature - Profile Credentials - Telugu Preferences
Quora Language Credential Feature – Profile Credentials – Telugu Preference
  • As I have already updated my language credential, it is filled. In your case, it will be like “Add Language Credential” with globe symbol beside it.
  • Or else you can click on Edit option on top right of Credentials & Highlights Section in your profile and add there.

    Quora Language Credential Feature
    Quora Language Credentiasl Feature
  • After you click on it, then you get to see a popup asking for the preferred language.

    Quora Language Credential Feature - PopUp - Telugu Preference
    Quora Language Credentials Feature – PopUp – Telugu Preference
  • And you can add the language of your desire. But, didn’t you notice the short message in the popup saying

    “Adding a language credential will add you to Quora in that language, when supported.”

    Quora Language Credential Feature - PopUp
    Quora Language Credentials Feature – PopUp
  • Which means, just like spanish version of Quora, if in case your desired language version of Quora is setup one day, then you’ll be automatically added to that language specific Quora sub domain too.

    Quora Language Credentials Feature - Profile Credentials - Telugu Preferences
    Quora Language Credential Feature – Profile Credentials – Telugu Preferences
  • As I’ve updated my language credential to Telugu, it shows up in our profile for future update purposes.
  • That’s it. Voila…!!!

Advantages of Language Credentials Feature:

  • Reaching people to share knowledge who don’t know/know very little English.
  • Language Specific Versions of Quora can sort out Content Quality issues.
  • Improvement of User Interface/User Experience features.
  • Sharing your capability of answering questions about/involved in or with that specific desired language.

Guys, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.

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