Pokémon Go Game – The Initial Review – Pros & Cons

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Pokémon Go is a free mobile game developed by Niantic Inc. Review, Pros and Cons of the game Pokémon Go. Pokémon Go game is rated the best.  It is launched now on iOS and Android Devices. Within hours from its release, it got a huge response and quite a big fan base too.

Pokemon_Go Launched

On the first day of it’s launch itself, servers of the Game were crashed and it took a few hours to rectify the problem. It’s trending now as a hot topic in several social networking sites too (Mainly in Facebook and Tumblr). And many posts are being posted on timelines even by my friends and well-wishers stating that “They got a Pokemon. And we are gonna catch’em all”. Blah..Blah..Blah

But none of them realize what to do initially to beat the game cleverly. So, here I present you the Initial Review of the Pokemon Go.

If we consider all the features and things regarding other games, it has got some unique features among of them. It uses advanced technology to track and trace players.

First of all, let me say you one thing. If any one of you reading this, still don’t know what Pokemon Go is; either download it and play and then read this; or else just skip this article.

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Pokemon Go just arrived this July and got huge craze within hours. That is all because of its uniqueness. Ok, then. Let’s start with the beginners guide here.

For Beginners:

First of all, some pokemons start chasing you after you begin the game. But, you do not know what to do. And you just catch them with pokeballs due to confusion. Here is my sincere suggestion to all of such. Because, you can get even “Pikachu” as your partner or pet or pokemon initially, if you follow my instructions.

When you start the Game, when the nonsense pokemons that you don’t like start chasing you, just run away from them. After five or ten minutes of running, the game prompts to catch any of them. Then reject that offer too. Then, guess what. Bammm.. You get Pikachu as your Beginner Pokemon. It’s just a small trick to gain higher levels and capture gyms in the game within a shorter time.

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You cannot cheat the incubating period like all other game types. You should literally jog or run around to hatch them. Or you may smartly think to just move on with your vehicle with internet connection ON while playing the game. But, that won’t work with Pokemon Go. Because it uses GPS as tracking sensor, rather than Pedometer. So, don’t get fooled yourself by using vehicles. And it uses speed-tracking for tracing players doing Egg-Walking.


This thing may clarify all of your doubts about Egg-Walking in Pokemon Go. And next we move on to the Pro’s and Con’s of the Pokemon Go.


  • It’s an Addictive Game.
  • It is designed to be played by all age groups.
  • If you know things before and you get familiar with the things in the game, you can beat most of your Opponents easily. Which means it’s a Strategy based Game.
  • And it improves your health and keeps you fit too ( By means of Egg-Walking).
  • Good Design.
  • Impressive Graphics and Game-Play.
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  • It’s a bit complicated.
  • Tracking nearby Pokemons is always a Zero Luck issue.
  • Powering Up Pokemon with StarDust fools you by giving an another Higher level Pokemon after you use all of your StarDust.
  • No Trace of nearby Pokemon can be stored, if you exit or minimize the Game.
  • Holding Off Pokemon is very tough.
  • No Clarity is given on Game-Play Rules.


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Whatever you may think about Pokemon Go, just let us know. We’ll be happy to hear that.

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