How to Play Two or More Games in Facebook Games Arcade at Once

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 2

A kid playing a game.

Facebook Games Arcade is the new desktop app designed by Facebook, which allows us to play all the Facebook games in the app itself. Which means you can play all of your favorite Facebook games without connecting to Facebook using a browser. If you are still not aware of this new thing, check this article – Facebook Games Arcade – New Application for Facebook Gamers.


A kid playing a game.


Facebook Games Arcade Logo
Facebook Games Arcade Logo

And many users and subscribers of our website are constantly pinging us about this App. And I found that many of them want to play Two or More Facebook Games at once using this App. But, Facebook still didn’t roll out the Multi-tab option.


Whereas in web browsers, one can play many Facebook Games in different tabs.

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FaceBook Games Arcade FrontLook
FaceBook Games Arcade Front Look

Most of the Facebook Games Arcade users want to uninstall the new experimental app, due to this very reason. Most of them tend to play in this App ( if it is the case of Single Facebook Game for an instance), due to the great working features of it. Myself, I’m also an Avid User of this app.

So, I wanted the solution for this Multi-Gaming problem. Being a Nerd, we just wanted to try something new. And luckily we found one. Well, that thing solves the Multi-Tab-Gaming/Two or More Facebook Games at a time issue very easily.

See how it works.

Steps to be followed:

  • Open Facebook Games Arcade app on your PC / Laptop, by using its desktop shortcut or by searching it on your Windows Search Bar.
  • Login into it with your Facebook Credentials.
  • Select and Open one of your Favorite Games in the app.
  • Again double-click on the desktop shortcut of Facebook Games Arcade (Or) Search for it in Windows Search Bar and Run it as Administrator.
  • Now, you can see another Replica of Facebook Games Arcade pops-up. Login into it with the same Facebook Credentials.
  • Choose another favorite game of yours( not the same as you opened previously).
  • Click on it and Open the game.
  • Now, you can play Both the Games simultaneously. It’s just like the Two Browser Windows opened.
  • Enjoy playing the Games in this solution for Multi-Tab/ Multi Window issue of Facebook Games Arcade App.
  • Looks so simple. It took us three hours to verify the method and to derive a conclusion from it.
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And another thing is that, this trick is very efficient. Because of its low CPU Usage and Memory Usage, when compared to Browser Facebook Multi-Gaming at an instant.

Task Manager-Facebook Games Arcade App-Better Optimization
Task Manager-Facebook Games Arcade App – Better Performance

That’s the Trick for Freaky facebook Gamers. We recommend this thing for each and every Facebook Games Arcade App user.

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That’s the Information we’ve decoded by honestly using the App.

Thanks for reading this article. Share your Love for us.

Please let us know what you’re thinking in the Comment box below. We would be happy to help you.

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  • Violet Rose

    It didnt work,i tried it.

    • Can you please reproduce the exact steps you have taken to solve the problem? It helps in assisting you better.