OnePlus 3 ROM Update by Paranoid Android – Supports Nextbit Robin Now

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OnePlus 3 Update-Paranoid-Android

OnePlus 3 ROM Update by Paranoid Android and supports Nextbit Robin now. Yes, Paranoid Android updated the ROM Features for OnePlus 3.

And now, Paranoid Android supports Nextbit Robin too. Earlier this year, Paranoid Android surprised everyone with a great comeback by gearing up themselves into a Launchpad of Rapid growth. Paranoid Android’s come back with a neat, well-built ROM and support for a lot of Nexus and OnePlus devices made them attention seekers this year.

Well, Today they came up with Update of OnePlus 3 ROM and started supporting the Nextbit Robin too. They seem to be heading up at exponential growth speeds now.

What is this Paranoid Android?


Paranoid Android- actually a custom ROM that can extend the system. It can make things to work out on amplifying the beauty of Android. It follows the similar design principles previously set by Google for Android Open Source Project.

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Here’s the ChangeLog for OnePlus 3:


– Added switch to last app button action
– Added custom routines to maximise performance on Kryo devices
– Improved system-wide performance
– Improved battery life
– Stability fixes for Quick Settings
– Various improvements and fixes for the Camera app
– Fixed a few encryption issues
– Other various bug fixes and improvements

OnePlus 3:

OnePlus 3 Update-Paranoid-Android
OnePlus 3 Update-Paranoid-Android

– Added DASH charging indicator
– Added full support for VoLTE
– Improved power management during the dexopting
– Improved Camera quality
– Improved GPS
– Improved audio platform and quality
– Improved memory management
– Improved resolution for graphic textures
– Reduced power consumption in specific cases
– Fixed camera flashes issues
– Fixed internal issues relating to the display driver
– Fixed a device specific issue with encryption
– Fixed Camera app crashes when trying to access settings
– Fixed Wifi Hotspot functionality
– Various other minor improvements

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Official Site of Paranoid Android:

Actually, Paranoid Android officially supports Nexus, Oppo, OnePlus devices only. But, they love Open Sourcing. So, they let designing and building on other devices too.t

At 07:16:22 PM(IST), the details from the Paranoid Android’s official site states about OnePlus 3 Info is as below.

  • Build Version: 6.0.3
  • Build Date: 2016-09-06
  • Size: 471.37 MB
  • MD5: b4aa60b89c67761b376ba1d95c39f18f
  • File:
  • Downloads: 1709

And Paranoid Android’s support to Robin is way lot more satisfying for many customers of it. It’s lead developers Alex and Jake worked two months straight to attain desirable results for utmost user satisfaction.

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The new ROM Update of the OnePlus3 seems to quite amazing. Because even for users of Marshmallow, it makes you feel like your phone is better at performance than Nougat.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Update your Oneplus 3 now.

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