Nvidia’s GPU beast, the Quadro GP100 – Best Pick for Workstations

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Nvidia - Quadro GP100 - Computing Beast GPU

Nvidia‘s latest workstation GPU beast, the Quadro GP100 is out now. Lately, Nvidia is concentrating on GPUs that are likely to perform best in Data centres and Workstations. Do you know why?

Because of parallel growth of gaming industry and computing industry, the latter is also in need of High-Performance GPUs as the world is now relying on data mostly. That’s why Nvidia is designing these GPU beasts which are the best picks at the moment for Workstations and Data centres.

Nvidia - Quadro GP100 - Computing Beast GPU
Nvidia – Quadro GP100 – Computing Beast GPU

Design and Features of Quadro GP100:

Quadro GP100 mostly resonates the features of Tesla P100 compute card. But there are additional features and things like PCIe connector and video outputs. And speaking of its specifications, it brings Pascal architecture, HBM2, and 64-bit double precision computations to the workstation.

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As most of don’t know, Nvidia has GPUs split into three categories in general. And they are

  • Tesla
  • Quadro
  • GeForce

Tesla compute cards are only for data-center and research purposes with no video outputs. While GeForce GPUs are entirely dedicated for gaming and it’s so simple to guess that since we already know that. However, Quadro GPUs are the special ones. They’re not specifically chosen for anything.

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Nvidia Quadro Products
Nvidia Quadro Products

They are the middle ones of the family, which have high-performance computing (HPC) hardware. So, they are most commonly used in CAD, 3D modelling, and simulations; if drivers are optimised to do the task.

This time that ain’t the case. Quadro GP100 is a total design change-over from Nvidia. They came out of their daily routine to design this thing.

Features of Quadra GP100:

  • Redistributed CUDA cores for better computing performance at a rate of 5 teraflops in 64-bit double precision applications.
  • Memory – 16GB of ECC HBM2.
  • 4096-bit wide bus
  • Massive bandwidth capacity of 720GB/sec.
  • The latest NVlink connector in place of SLI for better card-to-card communications.

    Nvidia - Quadro GP100 - Specs
    Nvidia – Quadro GP100 – Specs

And the Quadro GP100 is expected to launch in March with pricing around $6000 per card as per reliable sources.

Let’s wait for it till then. How much will the Nvidia’s new GPU beast, Quadra GP100 can bring profits to reality?

Do comment, if you have any query in your mind. Don’t let them stir in your mind. It’s not healthy at all.

Enjoy the waiting for it. Till then, Hasta La Vista! 😉