What does Nudge really mean in Hike Messenger?

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Secret Theory behind Nudge in Hike

What does Nudge really mean in Hike Messenger? How many of you thought it this way? Maybe all of you or maybe a few. But, Theory behind Nudge is quite interesting.

Nudge is actually an extremely popular feature on Hike Messenger quite a while.

Why is it used actually?

Nudge is used to draw the attention of your friend with whom you are chatting. To get a clear-cut idea, it is mostly similar to the “Poke” option on Facebook.

Theory behind Nudge in Hike:

Initially, Hike wanted to introduce an option similar to Poke Option on Facebook. But, here comes the problem. What should Hike Team name that option?

After several days of discussions, they decided to give the option a name of “Nudge.

Nudge actually means that prod gently with one’s elbow in order to attract attention. Which means grabbing the attention of someone by tapping on the shoulder. And the symbol of Nudge is forefinger pointing out. Which means Finger is symbolically touching someone’s shoulder smoothly to grab attention.

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Nudge Option in Hike
Nudge Option in Hike

And there is another interesting thing related to Nudge. University of Chicago professor Richard Thaler studies behavioural economics and finance as well as the psychology of decision-making. He states that Nudge can simply make lives better even if it’s offline or online.

His book “Nudge” was one of the best-sellers of the year 2008. So, this thing did influence the minds of Hike Team to choose that name for their new feature then.

It is similar to “Buzz” feature in Yahoo messenger and “Poke” option on Facebook.

Difference between Poke in Facebook and Nudge in Hike:

  • In Hike, you can Nudge any friend of you as many as times as you wish.
  • But, on Facebook, you can poke any of your friends only once. If he/she pokes back, then you can poke again.
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How to use Nudge on Hike?

Just double-tap or double-click on screen after opening the chat between you and your friend.

Nudge in Hike
Nudge in Hike

How to disable Nudge on Hike?

Follow the below instructions to disable Nudge from your end.

Options >> Settings >> Chat settings >> Double tap to nudge (disable it)

Advantages of Nudge:

  • In general, the conventional way of starting a conversation on chat apps starts with Hi, Hello. But, Hike has changed that fashion by implementing “Nudge” Feature.
  • Starting a conversation by Nudge requires just a double-tap, which means no typing effort required.
  • You can use Nudges to check whether your friend is online or not. (If it shows single tick under Nudge, he/she is Offline. If you get to see double tick under Nudge, it means he/she is online at that time.)
  • And you can send “Love Symbols” instead of “Nudges” if you change the chat theme to Love. (Those Love themes will be having special star symbol on them while you choose.)
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Love Symbol-Nudge in Hike
  • It is the best way to kick-start the conversation for most of the Introverts. Even, I use it the same way sometimes.
  • Or it sometimes represents the Urgency too.

That’s all about “Nudge” option in Hike Messenger. If you have something else in mind about this, post them down in the comments section.

I hope you liked it. Do comment below, if you have any queries.

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