Ninite – Best Tool to Grab All Essential Software At Once

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Ninite Tool grabber

Ninite is a software that helps users automatically install most of the essential software and applications at once. Still you don’t get it? Ok, let me explain what it actually does.

It is the easiest, fastest way to update or install useful software. And, it only works with Windows Operating systems. It actually downloads the installers and installs them in an order. So that, all the programs you wished to download will automatically get installed in the background one-by-one.

Ninite Tool Grabber
Ninite Tool

It means you are getting all your desired software put-up in a single installer package. That’s why Ninite is so Good for any new PC. It saves our time too.

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I can say ” You’ll save about 2 hours of Time, if you have a new PC, just by using the Ninite. And you’ll agree with me after using it.”

Ninite Apps
Apps offered by Ninite

And the best part is that ” It doesn’t bother you with any choices and options. It installs all the software you choose in default locations. No Added junky software. No Extra Tool-Bars. No Bull-shit. It just installs what you select.”

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It installs Up-to-date apps only. And if any application asks for Reboot, it just skips them. It automatically checks your PC and installs 64-bit apps in 64-bit systems and vice-versa.

It verifies the Digital Signatures, before running the installer. It uses the default proxy settings form the Internet Explorer Options. And it works best, if you turn off any Fire-Walls or Web-Filters.

And the interesting thing is that Ninite has been invested by the investors from “Y Combinator.” You may think what is this Y-Combinator? Then, just Google it to find what it is really. But, I can give you a small interesting info that Y-Combinator invested in Dropbox, when it was a Start-Up.

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So, the brand value it created also helped the “Ninite” to gain much publicity. That’s the Genuine Review of Ninite.

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