Evolution of Moon – New Theory by Japanese Anime Series Naruto

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A new theory of evolution of moon comes into play now. Japanese Anime has a different theory of evolution of moon. This theory of evolution of moon is completely different and weird. Yes. You heard me right. Don’t you guys know what is it? I think you are. So, why shall we drag the topic down. Let’s dive into the topic right now.

Ok. Let’s start learning and knowing new things and theories.

Unpredicted Theory of Moon’s Evolution:

According to a famous Japanese Anime namely “Naruto”, it states that a powerful ninjutsu (power accumulated according to the storyline) possessing person namely ‘Hagoromo’ created Moon to end the evil rituals and dictatorship of his evil minded mother ‘Kaguya Otsutsuki’ by using a special visual prowess and ninjutsu+senjutsu(Sage jutsu) to use the ‘Catastrophic Planetary Devastation’ on his mother to save the human race. Thus it resulted in burying his mother in between huge rocks of earth and making them into a large planet sized ball and then threw it away into outer space to avoid further circumstances. And that burial ball of Kaguya made by Hagoromo is the MOON that we see daily.

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That’s how The MOON got created according to the most unpredictable fantasy anime based theory. Whatever happened till so far may be right or wrong, but the MOON helps earth in many ways. You guys know those things I think so. Don’t you..?


Ok. That’s the theory or story of MOON’s evolution which helped to save the entire human race from a Ruthless lady. So many legends say many Wars started because of Woman. I hope that concept is universal, as we can observe that in this theory too. So, what do you think guys. Girls and Ladies are a bit scary, Right…? Am just kidding.

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That’s it. Job Done. “MOON‘s Evolution Theory by DUSTMOON Team.”

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