New Solar Tech Could Turn Any Surface Into a Solar Panel

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Solar Panel Made From Perovskite

A new Solar technology is now capable of turning any surface into a Solar Panel. This is a new revolutionary technology with which you can turn a suitable form of light into energy. Tech like this should be particularly encouraged because it’s a renewable source of energy and we are in need of it. So what can we do with this? Simply turn a surface into a Solar Panel and store the resulted energy. The stored or the obtained energy can be used to charge your gadgets like mobile phones, laptops and much more. The device you can charge depends on the amount and the type of energy obtained from these Solar Panels. This is really a amazing tech; because you could practically turn any surface or the surface of a device like smartphone into a Solar Panel and start storing the energy with the help of our long time buddy, sun. Possibly, this is one of the best renewable technologies available in the market. This tech can turn your smartphone, laptop, tablet into a Solar Panel. Start receiving energy from every flat surface.

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Solar Panel Made From Perovskite
Solar Panel Made From Perovskite


More details of this tech:

  • This Solar tech is lightweight, flexible and can be attached to any surface of your choice. Check out the below video for more visual clarity.
  • This technology is developed in a lab and made from a substance called Perovskite.
  • Perovskite is much cheaper and more flexible than silicon.
  • This tech can also absorb energy by artificial light sources like lamps, bulbs and much more.
  • It’s applications are endless.
  • This tech can be placed anywhere like on a house rooftop or on a car; practically on anything that has a flat surface.
  • The best part of this technology is, it is transparent as you can see in the image above. So it doesn’t alter the look of the object it was placed onto. (See the video below)

This technology was developed by a MIT Startup and is taking the tech world by storm.

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How Solar Panels Actually Work?

Solar Panels absorb light from sun’s rays which is a group of photons and convert them into electricity. Generally, Solar Panels are black in colour because dark objects tends to be good absorbers of light. But this tech is completely transparent and good looking unlike traditional Solar Panels. Ubiquitous Energy is the name of the startup that developed this technology.

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Perovskite: Material which could turn any surface into a Solar Panel.
Perovskite: Material which could turn any surface into a Solar Panel.