Nekki Games are Only Interested in Shadow Featured Heroes – Why?

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Shadow Fight By Nekki Games

Nekki Games, the developers of famous mobile games Shadow Fight and Vector are pretty much interested in games involving super heroes and shadow fighters. If you are regular gamer in your Android or iPhone or any other touch compatible mobile device, or just if you like gaming, then you might have come across the name of “Nekki Games.” It is the creator of some of the most gracious graphical games like Vector and Shadow Fight-2.

But, the question is that “Why Nekki Games are always interested in showing the Hero as a Shadow Featured Guy? How many of you really thought about it for a Moment?”.

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Shadow Fight By Nekki Games
Shadow Fight By Nekki Games


Actually, “Nekki” is a Japanese Word. Its meaning is “Enthusiasm”. Literally “the energy of passion”. “This is passion for our work that unites us” is the statement given by Nekki Company.

In my view, Nekki always prefer to have a look for the Hero from the Darks. It may be specific because of their views and perspectives. But, we can say even that Nekki was inspired by the Bat-Man and Venomous Spider-Man characters, who got much more craze and fandom from the Audience, rather than other heroes. We humans always think of pros and cons everytime, right? So, there need not be any offense for expressing one’s views literally.

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And wait. How did I forget this? Even, Limbo is also a Game featuring the Hero as Shadow man with glittering eyes. Same can be seen in Shadow-Fight-2 too. But, in the Game of Vector this Shadow featured Hero just wears a Suit up and run errand to save his life.

And the response to both the Games is more than satisfying. They got a Huge Fan-Base and Craze among Gaming Apps now-a-days.

And due to this very reason, some other apps were created by copying up the themes and design of Shadow Fight-2. viz. “Shadow Runners“-Imitating the Hero and Background themes from Shadow Fight-2.

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So, what do you say guys? Do you like Games designed by Nekki or not? I suggest you play them just once. They made the BackGround Story – Line in a beautiful way to attract gamers. Really great work for the Introduction Story-Line videos.

And they made the games just by imitating the professional moves of Ninja,Parkour Characters. That was quite brilliant. By these reasons and ideology, they made me a fan of their games. Why don’t you guys just give it a try?

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