Mozilla Firefox Web Browser Performance Review – Benchmarking

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Mozilla Firefox Performance Review

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most widely used web browser and very probably, ranks #2 in it’s category. Google Chrome remains the crownless king of the browser market which is the most used browser on the planet. While, Google Chrome’s performance is unmatched and unparalleled but it is very resource consuming. Mozilla Firefox, supported and developed by Mozilla is striving to perform better than it’s arch rival, Google Chrome which is backed by the tech giant Google. Undoubtedly and most obviously, Google Chrome performs better than Mozilla Firefox but there are some categories too where Mozilla has a upper-hand. We are trying to clearly figure out where Mozilla performs better than Chrome by thoroughly running benchmarking tests. This blog post is all about Mozilla Firefox performance tests and their reports. We tried our level best to perfectly review and report about tests on Firefox and hope we succeeded.

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Mozilla Firefox Performance Review
Mozilla Firefox Performance Review



Product Reviewed     : Mozilla Firefox Web Browser

Developed By             : Mozilla Community (Non-Profit)

Website                       :

Benchmarking Tools: JetStream and Octane.

DustMoon Media Network is purely a for-profit organization and doesn’t have any relationship with the Firefox Community. This article has been written and posted independently and was not influenced by external factors. All the tests were done in Private Mode, so no web apps can influence the report and it is most accurate. The test is done a Windows PC.

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Report from JetStream for Mozilla Firefox:


Benchmarking Report from JetStream
Benchmarking Report from JetStream


JetStream Report for Google Chrome:


JetStream Report For Google Chrome
JetStream Report For Google Chrome


Now there is a crystal difference between the two reports. Google Chrome performs far better than Mozilla Firefox. (Bigger is better) Now this is one reason to avoid Firefox.

Report from Octane:

For Mozilla Firefox:


Octane Report - Firefox
Octane Report – Firefox


For Google Chrome:


Octane Report - Google Chrome
Octane Report – Google Chrome


Clearly, Google Chrome has outperformed Mozilla Firefox. The performance of Firefox is worse when compared to Google Chrome. Firefox get freezed at the time of loading the page and it’s caching mechanism is one of the worst. Significant tests have showed that webpages load faster in Chrome than in Firefox.Our benchmark tests and reviews have perfectly proved that Chrome is much better than Firefox. Our report was very accurate and stunning.

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So what next? Go ahead and uninstall Firefox. Say no to memory wastage. If you’re not a developer, there is absolutely no need of Firefox for you. Mozilla Firefox may have the backing of one of the world’s widely spread communities but it’s of no use since Google Chrome performs better. The Mozilla community is continuously striving to make Firefox better. Good luck team! The world of internet only chooses the best. Being in the race is not important but winning is important. The World Wide Web has already ported most their browsers to Chrome and Google Chrome rules the world of web browsers. Our best wishes for Mozilla Community.

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