Microsoft Unveils New OS – Windows 10 S – Threat to Chrome OS

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Windows 10S

At an Education event organised by Microsoft, the biggest news of the week was revealed. Microsoft just announced a whole new Operating System. With stuffed features compared to traditional Windows 10 OS, this new Operating System is much better. It can turn out into the biggest threat to Google’s Chrome OS as of now. Namely, it is known as Windows 10S operating system.

Microsoft Windows OS
Microsoft Windows

Windows 10S – What is it?

As Microsoft always believed in changing the world through the means of better educational products, they feel it’s the good time to reveal about this spectacular operating system, Windows 10S. This tech giant says that it is the immediate successor of Windows RT.

Windows 10S
Windows 10S Operating System

Which means all the applications are to be downloaded and installed from Windows Store in Windows 10S. This helps many to get rid of risky outsider applications other than that of Microsoft’s Windows Store Products.

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And a brand new version of Microsoft Office is going to hit that OS soon as it is still under development and testing.

Rumours say that the “S”, of Windows 10 S, is supposed to mean Simplicity. In addition to this, Windows 10S also does not require any special hardware. It can run smoothly on any machine that can handle the requirements to run a traditional Windows 10 OS.

Windows 10S - Features
Windows 10S – Features

Another interesting thing is that many of us aren’t okay with the decision of using Windows Store Apps only. So, if you want to use external applications, you can simply switch between Windows 10S and Traditional Windows 10.

Advantages of Windows 10S:

  • 2x Faster Boot compared to traditional Windows 10.
  • Faster Startup functionality.
  • Free Office 365 package.
  • Free Subscription to Minecraft: Education Edition.
  • No need for special hardware to run it.
  • Safety and Privacy are uncompromised.
  • Steady Performance of the OS without any jolts.
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Windows 10S PCs are mainly targeted at the education sector. So, a minimal cost will do good for now. Its price is starting at $189.

Satya Nadella
CEO- Microsoft

In the meanwhile, the tech giant Microsoft has hooked up with numerous brands including Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Samsung, and Toshiba. Interesting thing is that this new version will be available for free for all the schools that were already licensed with Windows 10 PRO.

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A threat to Google’s Chrome OS:

Yes, it may not seem to be a threat at the very moment. But, it can be a potential threat to the existence and growth of Chrome OS in near future. And as this new OS seems to be targeted at Education sector, it can grow at a rapid rate beyond expectations. So, what can we say? It’s just like a snake in the woods waiting for its time to bite the prey.


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