Microsoft Has Finally Killed Internet Explorer 8,9,10-End Of Life

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Bye Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer, the best browser for downloading other browsers has finally got killed by it’s creator Microsoft. Microsoft said in a statement that Internet Explorer versions 8, 9, 10 will no longer be supported and are highly vulnerable to security threats. Internet Explorer version 11 is still been supported by Microsoft. Please download Internet Explorer 11 to secure yourself from getting hacked.

Internet Explorer 11
Internet Explorer 11

Microsoft is urging users to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 and Edge browsers. The killing of Internet Explorer by Microsoft is a move to make users upgrade to Windows 10. Read this End Of Life notice from Microsoft to know more about it’s assassination of Internet Explorer. The End Of Life notice means that Internet Explorer versions 8,9,10 will no longer receive any security updates and the complete tech support will be discontinued.

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Microsoft Edge Browser
Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge:

On the other hand, Microsoft Edge, the flagship product of Microsoft isn’t doing well in the browser market. However, Edge provides better speed and security than Internet Explorer, the only reason why it’s still breathing. Google Chrome, the best browser till date with unparalleled and unmatched performance and speed backed by internet behemoth Google rules the world of browsers as a crown less king. The Edge browser is integrated with Cortana, a virtual assistant which has it’s own reading list for saving pages and a doodle mode that let’s you to scribble on web pages directly.

Cortana - Virtual Assistant
Cortana – Virtual Assistant

Estimates say that 340 million people still run Internet Explorer. However, according to Computer World, just under half of those are thought to be using one of the expired versions of the browser. The older versions of Internet Explorer will hereafter display annoying messages asking users to upgrade to newer versions.

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