Microsoft Builds Underwater Data Center – Project Natick

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


Microsoft has revealed Project Natick a few hours ago. It is actually a Fascinating Research Initiative that has been chosen by Microsoft. It’s actual purpose is to bring on the Cloud Computing Infrastructure near to big cities. And more precisely near to the large bodies of water that are nearer to these cities by putting up the Data Centers under the water.

Actually, it test-launched it three months back and after the Final Approval after observing the operation the Test-Prototype, Microsoft made a step-forward and officially announced the Installation of its Data Centers Underwater. And it named the Project as “Project Natick” too. However, According to reliable sources, during these three months testing, Natick consumed a Computing Power equivalent to 300 Desktop PC’s.

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Many know that Datacenters are the backbone of Cloud Computing. It contain groups of networked computers. And those require a lot of power for doing the tasks, mostly like storing, processing and distributing huge amounts of information. So, Microsoft took the Initiative quite seriously, as it can benefit it largely in near future.


Project Natick seeks to understand the benefits and difficulties in deploying Subsea datacenters worldwide. We did so by designing, building, and deploying our own subsea datacenter in the ocean, all in about a year. This is the story of the Leona Philpot and Project Natick.” is the matter mentioned in official Project Natick Site.

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It also added a Tagline as “50% of U.S. live near Coast, why doesn’t our Data?“. A bit funny, right? But, quite Good one to attract audience. However, it released the team too, who are working on it.

The Natick Team: Eric Peterson, Spencer Fowers, Norm Whitaker, Ben Cutler, Jeff Kramer. (Left to Right in the following Picture.)


However, Microsoft itself stated that Project Natick is to determine the feasibility of Sub-sea Data Centres.

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That’s the story of Project Natick initiated by Microsoft. I would love to see many more such kind of projects in near future, not only form Microsoft, from any company.

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