Microsoft Announces It’s SQL Server For Linux

by Praneeth Karnena 0

Microsoft announces its SQL servers in Linux, a historic step taken by the firm on the rival open source system. Almost half of the microsoft servers running on its own Azure cloud service which are powered by the open source operating system Linux. But we cannot run many of the microsoft software on the linux servers. The version of SQL server announced by microsoft is a flagship database program which is a multi-platform database development and porting system available for Linux, Windows and Unix. This version of SQL server will be available to the Linux users by the mid 2017.

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Satya Nadella
CEO- Microsoft

This project has been the vital move by the Microsoft in focusing the core Windows operating systems. Microsoft’s SQL Server is one of the firm’s core products and the version of windows is used by many customers to run and manage databases. Scott Guthrie, head of Microsoft’s cloud and enterprise group, said the Linux version was currently being previewed and tested by customers but would be fully available by the middle of next year. He said Renault’s Formula 1 racing team was one of the first test customers for the code. Microsoft has almost 21% of the shares on the software market.

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Microsoft database servers in Linux
MS SQL servers in Linux

Here are some of the capabilities that microsoft database servers deliver to the linux system:

  • Groundbreaking security encryption capabilities that enable data to always be encrypted at rest, in motion and in-memory to deliver maximum security protection
  • In-memory database support for every workload with performance increases up to 30-100x
  • Incredible Data Warehousing performance with the #1, #2 and #3 TPC-H 10 Terabyte benchmarks for non-clustered performance, and the #1 SAP SD Two-Tier performance benchmark on windows
  • Business Intelligence for every employee on every device – including new mobile BI support for iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices
  • Advanced analytics using our new R support that enables customers to do real-time predictive analytics on both operational and analytic data
  • Unique cloud capabilities that enable customers to deploy hybrid architectures that partition data workloads across on-premises and cloud based systems to save costs and increase agility.
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Over the last year we’ve been using the SQL Server 2016 code-base to run in production more than 1.4 million SQL Databases in the cloud using our Azure SQL Database as a Service offering, and this real-world experience has made SQL Server 2016 an incredibly robust and battle-hardened data platform.