Microsoft Acquires LinkedIn for a Huge Price

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LinkedIn Heads with Microsoft CEO

Tech giant Microsoft has acquired world’s largest professional network Linkedin for a very huge sum, $26.2 billion. Microsoft’s acquisition of LinkedIn will allow Microsoft to expose and influence the professional community. This is one of the Microsoft’s biggest acquisitions till date.

Microsoft, One of the Biggest Multinational Companies in the world, which has got headquartered in Redmond, founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen, and now being run by its efficient Indian Originated CEO, Satya Nadella; has made a very good worthy decision. It is nothing but the Acquiral of LinkedIn by MicroSoft for a huge deal worth $26.2 billion in all-cash transaction because of LinkedIn’s share value of $196/share.


LinkedIn Heads with Microsoft CEO
Jeff Weiner, Satya Nadella and Reid Hoffman, after Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn


Being a Dream Company to many of Students to land a job in it, it should never hold back its prestige and market-value from peaks. So, now Microsoft took a step ahead and made a big decision that changes the Microsoft’s future market by acquiring the LinkedIn. Literally, we can say that Microsoft played a little tricky game with Facebook to win over it to acquire LinkedIn. Even Facebook wanted to buy LinkedIn, but it wanted some time to assess the profits that can come out of it. So, without wasting any time Microsoft made contact with Reid Hoffman and Jeff Weiner of LinkedIn and proposed their idea of buying it all at once. Jeff Weiner felt overwhelmed on hearing it. However, he didn’t reduced the Deal Price Value to sell LinkedIn to Microsoft.

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Words of Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella:

“This is about the coming together of the leading professional cloud and the leading professional network,” Nadella said in an interview. “This is the logical next step to take. We believe we can accelerate that by making LinkedIn the social fabric for all of Office.”

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Linkedin-Now a part of Microsoft's Family
Linkedin-Now a part of Microsoft’s Family

According to sources, Microsoft plans to link LinkedIn with its other official tools and applications like Excel, Powerpoint, OutLook, Access, Word etc etc. So, then what next? Microsoft going to make huge profits from many companies and employees due to mostly all work helping applications are now under control of it. It is a well-planned setup to lure employees and companies to make use of LinkedIn and other Microsoft work environment friendly tools, and then make them a basic fundamental part of their life and to make profits out of it, very cleverly.


Thus, LinkedIn has been bought by Microsoft at a huge deal rate of shares to all-cash in transaction. This is the story how LinkedIn became a child company of Microsoft. Young and Brilliant CEO of LinkedIn, Jeff Weiner and Chairman of the board, co-founder and controlling shareholder of LinkedIn, Reid Hoffman agreed for the deal of Microsoft.

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That’s it. Job Done.

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