Mengo Battery Backup Charges Your iPhone and Android Nothing But Using Sun

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Mengo Solar Battery Backup

Charge your iPhone and Android with the help of sun. Mengo Solar Battery Backup Charger helps you with this job. The only power source in this world that is available anywhere is the solar power. No bounds for it energy. Mengo Solar Battery Backup Charger can be charged using both solar power and a normal power source. While a normal power source may not last longer, but a solar powered Mengo Battery Backup is much more efficient than a normal power sourced battery backup. Mengo is exclusively helpful for people with high adrenaline content. Since solar power is omnipresent, it can be used outdoors.

Mengo Solar Battery Backup
Mengo Solar Battery Backup

Mengo is completely solar powered with a battery capacity of 5300 Mah. Mengo is water proof, which means you can play with it in rain but not for a long time. Mengo Solar Battery Backup can withstand powerful hits which means that Mengo can fight your anger. Since Mengo has multiple USB ports, you can charge your Android, iPhone, iPad or any Samsung or HTC at the same time. Not only Android and iPhone, but any device with a USB capability can be charged by Mengo. However charging Mengo Solar Battery Backup using sun may take extremely long time. Leaving Mengo all day in the sun will only charge it to 1/8 th of it’s capacity which means that leaving Mengo for 8 days straight in presence of sun will charge the battery to the maximum extent. Mengo can charge multiple devices at the same time. Buy Mengo Solar Battery Backup on Amazon.

Tech Specifications:

  • Completely Solar Powered
  • Water Proof (resistant to slight water contact).
  • Shock Absorbent (can withstand shocks and low hits).
  • Multiple USB Ports (Can charge 2 devices at at the same time).
  • LED Emergency Light.
  • 5300 Mah Battery Capacity.
Mengo Solar Battery Backup
Solar Battery Backup