Keyboard Shortcuts For Windows Computer

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


As all of you know, getting familiar with Computer makes you do any thing on it faster day by day. But, using Keyboard faster is not a joke. You should know some tricks to use the system in an accelerated way and skillfully. We should know some crucial and useful shortcuts to manage any kind of PC, as we wish. Here I list some of the Handy Shortcuts those will help you in many ways in your daily life routine. This’ll cover the most HANDY keyboard shortcuts that every Windows user should know. If you aren’t familiar with keyboard shortcuts, these’ll make you know that how useful keyboard shortcuts can be.

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Windows Key + S :

As I specified earlier, I list some simple and handy shortcuts that are useful for Windows supported PC’s.

In Windows 7, it results in starting a Snipping Tool, which usually manages to catch pictures on any section or of entire screen at that moment. But, in Windows 8 and later versions, Windows Key + S gives you the search bar. If you want to find Internet explorer, type Internet and you get suggestions from the search bar. You can search similarly in Windows 7 too, but the shortcut used in there is just Windows Key.

Ctrl+X, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V::Cut, Copy, Paste:

These are the most used shortcuts in every PC user life. If you don’t know these, then either you are a new user or else something crazy. So, Ctrl+C represents to copy the selected content from your PC, whereas Ctrl+V represents to Paste and Ctrl+X represents to Cut a text or something from your PC to Clipboard of your system. In my opinion, these three shortcuts alone can save many hours of your Life. These actions can also be accessed by using right-click of your mouse too.

Ctrl+F::Search Current Folder or Page:

This is to find a word or something similar to the word you want to search. You can do this thing in folder search or Webpage Search or any other Application Oriented Search. This Ctrl+F helps you many times to find a Keyword that you are searching for.

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Alt+Tab::Switch Between Open applications:

By using Alt+Tab you can easily switch between the open or active application of your system, without hastle of minimizing other Applications. Similarly Alt+Shift+Tab can be used to switch back to last used Applications, which in general used to Switch Back from Alt+Tab option.

Ctrl+P::Easy and Quick Print:

By using Ctrl+P, you can easily get options to print the current page or file or pdf in the most desired manner.

Alt+F4::Close Apps and Windows too:

Alt+F4 is the most powerful option among all these shortcuts. It can close any of the applications in an instant without any hassle. If none of the Applications are running or you are on Desktop Screen( after a mouse-click on Desktop), this shortcut leads you to choose various options like Shut Down, Restart, Sleep, Hibernate, Lock, Switch User, Sign Out Options, if you toggle between.

Windows Key+L::Lock your PC:

Windows Key+L
Windows Key+L

It is the most simple shortcut that you can use to lock your PC, just with in a half-second of time. Windows Key+L is the magic trick to do this.

Ctrl+Alt+Delete::Access the Task Manager:


This is the most tricky and useful shortcut, I can say that I have ever used in my Life. Because, whenever your system stops responding or gets struck at some point, this helps you to get out of the situation. It takes you to the screen Showing Access to Task Manager along with Alt+F4 options too. So, do use Ctrl+Alt+Delete or Ctrl+Alt+Del in such cases.

Windows Key+R::Run any Program:

It helps you to run any program by typing its name exactly without knowing its Source file.

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Windows Key+X::System Features and Some more:

It opens up some number of programs names as a list in order along with Alt+F4 and Ctrl+Alt+Del features too.

Windows Key+D::Peek at Desktop:

It allows you to peek at your desktop screen and if you use it again it brings you back to last used Application or Program.

Windows Key+M::Minimize All Program Windows:

Windows+M is used to minimize all the running tabs and windows, and Shift+Windows+M is used to get back or maximize the minimized applications and windows.