Keep Your Android Secure With Google Play Protect

by Praneeth Karnena 0

Google Play Protect
Android was subject to several security breaches over the years. To be brutally honest, Apple’s devices are way more secure than Android. Apps on the Apple’s App Store go through severe security checks before they were published. While Google has also placed similar measures, the gates aren’t proved to be very effective for the hackers. In the recent past, Google has detected several Malware Apps on its Play Store bringing into scrutiny, the security measures put in place by the tech giant.
Overwhelmed by the level and frequency of security breaches, Google has launched a service, Google Play Protect to regain users’ trust. Google Play Protect is a simple service that scans Apps on the Play Store and your Device using Machine Learning techniques to possibly find the App that’s breaking the rules.
Dashboard of Google Play Protect
Dashboard of Google Play Protect
Google Play Protect can do much more than just scanning the Apps. A misplaced phone can be tracked and can be ringed using Google Play Protect. You can also erase the device in extreme cases. Surf web safely in Chrome with Safe Browsing. You just need to update your Google Play Store to get Google Play Protect. You can access the Google Play Protect options by navigating through Settings > Google > Security > Google Play Protect.