Javascript – The Conqueror of Software World

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0

Javascript - Conqueror of Software World

In case if you’re not up to date with what’s happening in Giant Software Companies, Startups, there is one thing happening in all of them. They’re attracted and hypnotized by the beauty of a language. And what do you think that language was? It’s none other than “Javascript” – The Conqueror of the Software World. It’s eating away the food reserved for other languages.

Javascript Revolution in Web

Adding to that, Node.Js an Open Source server-side JS environment based on the V8 JS engine found in Google Chrome made this possible. When Node.Js was injected into the world as ‘hipster’ technology, no one thought that it would reach this high including me. But, it broke the shacks of our brains. Because NodeJS is gaining a reliable position as the commonly used environment for building web applications. And it started to crawl into Enterprise very smoothly.

Node JS Logo - Javascript
Node JS Logo – Javascript

Let me give you some examples how Javascript and Node JS did the magic.

Javascript and Node JS – Top Riders of Programming World?

  • JavaScript and NodeJS have been to transform their website into a single page application. And what is that?
  • It’s Netflix.

  • X is drifting away from Java and onto JavaScript and NodeJS for use in their web application platform. However, they’ve used Node JS as a prototyping platform. When it proved extremely proficient in many ways, they wanted to give it a try and they did. This time in their production.  Who’s that X?
  • It’s PayPal.

  • A Major Car Transportation company built its humongous driver matching system on Node.js distributed web architecture. And do you know which company it was?
  • It’s Uber.

  • Even Tech Giant, Microsoft is even offering direct integrations of Node JS into their Azure Platform.

It’s already 10 years of Atwood’s Law which states that “Any application that can be written in JavaScript, will eventually be written in JavaScript.”

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Javascript - Conqueror of Software World

And by his statement, it seems that James Atwood is a future-teller.  Adding to it, Inventor of the World Wide Web, Tim Berners Lee once stated that world of programming will eventually shift towards least powerful/complicated languages soon. He guessed that right. And he named it perfectly – “The Principle of Least Power.

That’s what happening right now to the world of programming. No wonder if Python replaces the position of Java in enterprise level in a span of 2 years, totally. I said totally and I mean it.

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And as we’re feeling the speed of rapid modernization and up-gradation in every part of our lives, and as >80 percent of the humans are connected to the Internet, the fields of Progressive Web Apps, Web Design are on a rise.

Which made Javascript and Node JS clinch the Iron Throne of Programming World. Don’t you think so? If you don’t think so, then you’re not following the news properly.

But, why Javascript/Node JS?

  • They’re simple to use.
  • Can be used for High traffic projects without much hassle.
  • Can be used to build high profile production projects.
  • Can be integrated to all kinds of web and browser platforms.
  • Server friendly.
  • User-friendly.
  • By the way, programmer friendly too.
  • Minimal Memory consumption qualities.
  • Can be customized as per the requirements.


  • Paypal designed their ‘Account Overview’ page both on Java and Node.Js. But, it was proven that the page that was running on Javascript is much faster and efficient. Then they knew the power of Javascript and they built an open source extension for ExpressJS called KrakenJS which can add an extra layer of security+scalability to Node JS Server.
  • Uber’s Rider matching system was entirely built on Node.js Distributed Web Architecture.
  • Microsoft built their own version of Node powered by their Edge Javascript engine instead of Chrome‘s V8 (You know why).

In addition to these, there are other new things they’re growing fast. Some of them are Typescript and React JS, Redux. Most of the programmers say that Typescript is safer than JS. However, the software world is still fixated on Javascript for now.

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React JS
React JS

Even I admit Typescript is better than Javascript in some ways. But, Circumstance is everything and there are a lot of circumstances where JavaScript really is the right choice, mostly because it’s ubiquitous and models can be expressed the same across all environments as Ben Halpern said.

That’s how Javascript and Node.JS are eating away the software world single-handedly. Like a boss.

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