Is Quora a potential threat to YouTube? Here’s why?

by Chaitanya Vankadaru 0


Is Quora a potential threat to YouTube? Don’t you think so? Maybe not now. But, it’s gonna come to that soon. Ask me why?

Well, you guys feel like there is some reason for this title. Yes, there is one. Recently, Product Updates on Quora added the feature of adding the videos on Quora platform directly. Yes, you heard me right?

Which means there is no more hassle of embedding the videos from YouTube or Dailymotion on Quora. This isn’t just a small feature. But also an effective one. It reduces the traffic to YouTube literally. Not only that, it can attract advertisers as well to beat the pulp out of YouTube with its new and fresh features.

‘Videos on Quora’ helps quorans to find step-by-step visual experience via answers.

Videos on Quora - Screenshot
Videos on Quora – Screenshot

But, the sad thing is that ‘Videos on Quora‘ is still under limited, experimental beta native support on Quora platform.

Only a few authors were granted access to this feature. Some of them can be seen on Quora right now.

Things you need to know about ‘Videos on Quora’:

  • You can answer a question with the help of self-made or own videos by uploading them on Quora.
  • You can either use content and video or only video to explain/answer the question.
  • Moderators verify and help you to publish answers with videos in it.
  • The Size and Time Limits of Videos on Quora are yet to be announced. (Most probably 1-minute time limit will do good.)
  • At present, Quora Team rolled out this feature to limited topics like Beauty Hacks, Cooking, Fitness and Parenting etc.
  • Quora’s ‘Be Nice, Be Respectful'(BNBR) policy still holds on ‘Videos on Quora.’
  • Can also be used to share personal experiences.

Feedback and suggestions are appreciated by Quora Team as mentioned by Tommy MacWilliam. And that’s all about this new feature on Quora.

Guys, what do you think about this? Share your views in the comment box below.

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